Pet Food Reviewer launched by James in late 2017 to provide independent and unbiased reviews of pet food. James is originally from the UK but is now based in Eastern Canada.

The inspiration for the site came after James struggled to find reliable and detailed information on pet food while researching the best food to feed his own pets. The majority of information James could find was written by pet food brands with a vested interest, or it lacked detailed research.

Also, James became passionate about bringing more attention to the poor nutrition offered by many pet food brands. He firmly believes that both Dogs and Cats should have a diet with meat and fish ingredients at its core.

Our most detailed and well-researched posts discuss and suggest the best pet food recipes currently available. These posts hone in on a particular topic or niche and present it in meticulous detail. Examples of topics include exotic meat ingredients like Kangaroo and Rabbit or recipes designed for puppies and senior dogs.

Another one of the staple posts of our PetFoodReviewer is individual reviews of pet food brands. Our analysis of these brands leaves no stones unturned and highlights topics that many brands would choose not to discuss.

Our reviews include an in-depth look at the nutrition profile of their recipes, their ingredient quality, the recall history of their products, the size of their product range and its variety, their stance on animal testing, their professional expertise, and more.

To see the full directory of all of the pet food brands we have reviewed to date, check out our All Brand Reviews page.

Lastly, we have posts that discuss individual ingredients, usually those that pet owners will not be familiar with or that is controversial. In these posts, we discuss their nutritional value, the motivation behind their use, as well as which brands choose to use them.