Can Dogs Eat Edamame?

An Introduction to Edamame

In case you are unfamiliar with Edamame, it is a type of bean that is grown and sold in east Asia. It is popular in Korea, Japan, China, and a few other countries. You will often find it boiled, steamed, or sprinkled as a seasoning.  You can eat it baked, include it in stir-fries, or add it to your salads. Regardless of how it is cooked, many believe it tastes great.

From a nutritional standpoint, Edamame is very rich in fiber and omega-3 alpha-linolenic acid. Like all other types of beans, it is a good source of protein. The fiber it contains can aid weight loss since it keeps humans and dogs fuller for a more extended period, thereby reducing hunger or craving for food.  

While Edamame is not a traditional snack for dogs, it can be an option for them when given in moderation. It is even better for dogs that are on a diet since low in calories and fat. To answer the question – can dogs eat Edamame? The answer is yes. Here is why. 


Six Reasons Edamame Can Be Beneficial For Your Dog

  1. Edamame contains a relatively large portion of protein that both humans and dogs require to remain very active. 
  2. Edamame contains a high amount of highly beneficial polyunsaturated fats.
  3. Edamame contains high levels of calcium and iron, which are vitally important to your dog’s health.
  4. Edamame is also rich in Vitamins A and C and among others. 
  5. As mentioned earlier, Edamame contains a large portion of fiber which can aid a dog’s digestion as well as helping to keep them full for a longer time. This feeling of fullness can help to reduce cravings and prevent obesity. 
  6. Edamame can help prevent bone deterioration. Bone issues are common in dogs; therefore, the importance of foods that can boost bone health cannot be overemphasized.   

Tips On How To Feed Your Dog Edamame

If you intend to feed Edamame to your dog raw, you should remove its shell before tossing some of it to your dog to avoid toxicity. 

Not all dogs enjoy plant-based foods, so if you are feeding your dog with Edamame for the first time, start with two bean seeds. Watch their reaction after eating it. If they exhibit some eagerness to eat more, they probably enjoy it. You can increase the quantity to about 4 or 5 bean seeds. Moderation is important. If they do not like it and refuse to eat it, do not force it down their throat.

You should also watch out for side-effects like vomiting, weakness, or general upset. If you notice any health issues, take them to a vet immediately, and never feed it to them anymore. It means their digestive system is not in support of the beans. 

Four Ways To Prepare Edamame For Your Dog

Cooked – You can boil or steam the beans as this is the best way to cook it for your dog if he likes it. You’re sure that the heat will take care of any micro-organism in the beans. However, remember that the way it is cooked for dogs is different from how it is prepared for humans. When you are cooking it for yourself, you can add seasonings like pepper and salt but avoid any seasoning when cooking it for your dog as it is harmful to their health.

Raw – You can give your dog the beans to eat fresh. You’ll probably prefer this method as it involves zero preparation. However, it is better to let your dog decide. If they prefer it cooked, you have little or no choice but to cook it if you have to feed them with it. One more thing – the shell is not edible. Always remove it before tossing the beans to them.

Frozen – This is just like feeding it to your dog raw. The only difference is that this method requires preserving the beans in the refrigerator to give it an alternative texture.

Mashed – You can also mash Edamame into your dog’s regular meals. This may be the best option if you feel that your dog has a digestive system susceptible to upset. 

In summary, you may want to try to get some edamame beans when next you hit the grocery store. While we advise buying a small quantity at first, they may become a regular addition before long. 

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