Is There A Cat Food Advisor Website?

Dog Food Advisor has grown over the years to become a massive website that millions of dog owners visit to learn more about their dog’s food and other prospective dog food recipes.

However, many of these dog owners are also cat owners, and they often wonder if Dog Food Advisor has a sister website, which you can picture being called Cat Food Advisor.

Is There A Cat Food Advisor Website?

Technically, there is a website called, and this website appears to be operated by the same company as

Sadly, the website has not been developed, and if you visit the homepage, all you will see is a brief sentence claiming that the site is coming soon.

Cat Food Advisor

Out of curiosity, we used the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine to see how long the website had been like this.

The first time we saw the familiar Dog Food Advisor style on the website was way back in May 2013. Later in 2014, the sentence stating the site was coming soon was added.

However, despite a decade passing, the coming soon statement may have been a little premature, and the website has not had any noticeable changes since then; let anyone any detailed reviews such as those found on Dog Food Advisor.

But this might change in the near future. Many are familiar with Dog Food Advisor’s original owner, Dr. Mike Sagman, who practiced as a dentist when he wasn’t writing dog food reviews.

However, in January 2023, Dog Food Advisor was purchased by Wag! Group Co for a whopping 9 million dollars.

While nothing has sprung to life yet, this new ownership of the original site may soon expand and start building the Cat Food Advisor site.

Alternative Cat Food Review Websites

However, for those of you disappointed by the absence of a Cat Food Advisor website, do not fear, as there are several other cat food review-focused sites for you to lean on.


Pet Food Reviewer Logo

While we will try to limit our self-promotion, our site, Pet Food Reviewer, has been reviewing pet food brands for over five years and aims to provide non-biased information and recommendations.

We attempt to provide a complete picture of pet food brands, including information on the brand history and ownership, product range, ingredients, nutrition, animal testing, recalls, and more.

You can check out our brand review index pages below and see if we have reviewed your cat’s food.

All Pet Food Brand Reviews

Dry Cat Food Brand Reviews

Wet Cat Food Brand Reviews

You may also want to check out some of our popular cat food-related articles, such as the ones below.

Best Cat Food At Walmart

Best Cat Food At PetSmart

The 8 Worst Cat Foods

Best WSAVA Approved Cat Food

Lastly, we have also been putting increasing effort into articles and discussions on pet food ingredients to help pet owners better understand what is in their pet’s food.

You can check out our Pet Food Ingredient Glossary or some of the below articles that are fantastic examples.

Guar Gum In Pet Food

Citric Acid In Pet Food

Organ Meat Ingredients In Pet Food

Tomato Pomace In Pet Food

CatFoodDB is an established cat food review website that has been operating for several years and will likely be a regular sight in google searches.

They take a different approach to many other cat food review websites, including ours, and give simple-to-understand reviews, including a paw rating for ingredients and nutrition.

You can see a brand-level page with a higher-level overview of all of their recipes or recipe-specific pages that go into detail on why the recipe received the paw rating it did.

This includes discussions on individual ingredients and graphical representations of their nutritional value.

Cat Food DB Nutrition Discussion Example

One of CatFoodDB’s most significant advantages is the number of brands they’ve reviewed (currently 150+), allowing most cat owners to read the relevant information on their cat’s current food.

However, CatFoodDB does not include other non-ingredient or nutrition-based information that many cat owners are eager to read about, such as past cat food recalls or where their food or ingredients are sourced.

PetFoodReviews (Australia)

Pet Food Reviews Australia

While you may think an Australian website may not be helpful for pet owners outside of Australia, you shouldn’t rush to judge. is an extremely popular cat food review website, getting hundreds of thousands of views per year from readers worldwide.

They review international cat food brands that many would recognize, like Hill’s Science Diet, Kirkland, Royal Canin, Purina Pro Plan, Orijen, and Taste of the Wild.

But for their domestic audience, they also review Australian cat food brands like Black Hawk, Ivory Coat, Vetalogica, and more.

Their reviews are simple and easy to follow, discussing ingredients, nutrition, and recalls. Their reviews also allow for comments which enables pet owners to give their own feedback for others to read.


The Spruce Pets Logo

Many of you will be familiar with The Spruce, which is one of the largest online review and informational websites.

They cover everything from how to grow types of plants, recommendations on the best washing machines, and explanations on the different kinds of toilet plungers.

However, they have a dedicated pet-themed website called While pet food is not the sole focus of this site, there are many pet food-related articles, including those discussing cat food and cat food-related topics.

Some of their cat food articles are reviewed by a veterinarian who gives them an edge over others in trustworthiness.

However, given the site is not solely focused on cat food, it can be hard to navigate if you don’t land on the page you are looking for straight from a google search.

They also do not have in-depth brand or recipe reviews that some other sites may offer.

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