Young Again Information

Young Again was founded by Michael Massie and has been in operation since the 1990s. Originally they started out producing food for birds, reptiles, and small mammals but have progressed to dogs, cats, and ferrets over time.

Unlike many smaller pet food brands, Young Again produces all of its own food and does not outsource any of its production to third parties.

However, at this time, we are not sure of the exact location of this manufacturing facility but we believe it is in the United States.

Young Again pet food is not widely available for purchase in the United States but is stocked at select retail pet food stores.

In addition, you can purchase Young Again online from their website, but you can not purchase it from large online pet food websites like Chewy and Petflow.

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Young Again Product Range

Dog Food

Young again has a very small product range of dog food products which only includes two recipes. Both of these recipes are dry dog food recipes, and Young Again does not produce any wet/canned food.

One of these recipes is for smaller dogs (under 30 lbs), and the other is for medium and larger dogs (over 30 lbs).

Young again does not produce any age-specific dog food, such as recipes for puppies or senior dogs; however, their recipes are formulated for all life stages.

Cat Food

Young Again’s cat food range is larger than its dog food range but is still relatively small. It includes a total of 6 recipes which are all dry cat food which means that they do not produce any wet/canned cat food.

However, there is more variety in the cat food range than the dog food range, including some age-specific recipes such as those for kittens and senior cats.

There is also a limited ingredient recipe for cats with allergies to certain proteins.

Young Again Nutrition

Dog Food

The nutrition offered by Young Again’s dog food products is impressive and would be considered above-average when compared to most other dog food brands.

In particular, the 40/16 Premium High Protein recipe for smaller dogs has incredibly impressive nutrition with significantly above-average proportions of protein and fat.

This kind of nutritional profile would be well suited to many dogs, especially those that are extremely active or still growing.

You can see the nutritional profile of this recipe below.

Young Again Example Nutrition

If you are interested in learning more about canine nutrition, we highly recommend you read our Dog Food Guide.

Cat Food

The nutrition offered by Young Again’s cat food recipes is extremely impressive and some of the best offered by a dry cat food recipe in the industry.

This nutritional profile includes proportions of protein and fat that are significantly above average when compared to other cat food brands. In addition, the vast majority of this protein and fat is from animal-based sources.

This kind of nutritional profile is a fair reflection of a cat’s natural diet and one that many will excel on.

If you are interested in learning more about feline nutrition, we highly recommend checking out our Cat Food Guide.

Young Again Ingredients

High-Quality Meat & Fish Ingredients

  • Chicken
  • Pork
  • Herring

Young Again uses a relatively small range of meat and fish ingredients in its recipes, including the above.

All three of these ingredients are high-quality additions to pet food recipes and can act as dense sources of animal-based protein and fat.

Chicken and Herring are regular additions to pet food recipes and are used industry-wide. They are so popular as they are easy to source and relatively affordable in comparison to their nutritional value.

However, it is noteworthy that Young Again makes extensive use of Hydrolyzed Pork in its recipes.

Hydrolyzed ingredients are often found in hypoallergenic pet food, but that isn’t the case with Young Again.

Other Notable Ingredients

Potato Starch is used in many of Young Again’s recipes and acts as the recipe’s primary source of plant-based content. Potatoes are a starch ingredient, and Potato Starch is very similar to whole potatoes.

Starch ingredients such as Potatoes are very dense sources of carbohydrates which means that their portion size must be tightly controlled to avoid it becoming excessive.

However, the portion size in Young Again recipes is very small and not worthy of concern.

You can learn more about Potatoes and Potato Starch in our article Potatoes, Potato Protein & Potato Starch in Dog Food.

A Handful of Potatoes

Chicken Fat is found in almost all of Young Again recipes and is a common inclusion in pet food.

Chicken Fat is usually used to improve the palatability and flavor of a pet food recipe and boost the overall level of animal-based fat.

Chicken Fat is often chosen over alternatives as it is low-cost and easy to acquire at scale. You can learn more about Chicken Fat in our article Chicken Fat In Dog Food.

Tomato Pomace is one of several high-fiber ingredients that are regularly used in pet food recipes.

Tomato Pomace is a reliable source of soluble fiber, which can be critical to some dogs to ensure regular digestion and stools.

Outside of this soluble fiber content, Tomato Pomace provides very little nutrition to pets.  You can learn more about Tomato Pomace in our article Tomato Pomace as a Pet Food Ingredient?.

Brewers Yeast is a minor ingredient used by several pet food brands with the aim of providing health benefits or micronutrients.

Many believe that Brewers Yeast can provide these benefits; however, they are not conclusive, and many doubt them.

You can read more about Brewer’s Yeast in our article Brewers Yeast In Dog Food.

Guar Gum is a regular inclusion in wet/canned pet food recipes. It serves as a binding agent that is an important component of wet pet food and is used to hold the food together in a consistent texture and appearance.

However, strangely, Young Again uses Guar Gum in some of their dry food recipes, which is not something done by other pet food brands. It is not clear why Young Again needs to include Guar Gum in these dry food recipes.

You can learn more about Guar Gum in our article Guar Gum In Pet Food.

Lastly, some Young Again recipes include small portions of Powdered Cellulose. Powdered Cellulose is an extremely controversial addition to pet food. In short, it is pure fiber from plants which doesn’t sound bad.

However, there is little guarantee or consistency on which plants are used, and there have been suggestions that it is sometimes produced from agriculture or industrial waste products.

You can read more about Powdered Cellulose in our article Powdered Cellulose In Dog Food.

Young Again Animal Testing

At this time, we have limited information on what type of animal testing or feed trials that Young Again participates in.

Young Again states on their website that they test its products on its own pets. This kind of small-scale testing is common among smaller brands.

We strongly believe that invasive or laboratory-style testing of animals is a cruel and outdated practice and one which we hope will be eliminated in the near future.

Young Again Recalls

Based on our research (FDA, AVMA, DogFoodAdvisor), Young Again has not undergone any recalls in the past and is, therefore, a recall-free pet food brand.

Young Again states on their site that they utilize an independent laboratory to analyze their products and ensure they are salmonella-free and remain consistent in composition.

They also state that they have their own in-house laboratory, and this lab performs toxicology lab screens for additional toxins.

Despite this recall-free record from Young Again, we encourage all pet owners to be vigilant of any future recalls from Young Again or any other pet food brand.

Best of Young Again

Young Again 40/16 Review

Young Again 40-16 Dog Food

As we mentioned earlier, Young Again’s recipe for small breed dogs boasts some extremely impressive nutrition compared to typical dog food recipes.

It includes 40% protein and 16% fat which is a huge proportion, and as a result of this, this recipe would satisfy the protein requirements of even the most active dogs.

Like all Young Again recipes, this recipe includes a large portion of Pork and Chicken, which are the primary sources of this protein and fat. However, there are also smaller portions of Herring Meal and Fish Meal which help supplement these.

Outside of these meat and fish ingredients, the recipe includes a small portion of Potato Starch and Tomato Pomace, which provide a modest proportion of carbohydrates and fiber.

Original 50/22 Cat & Kitten Review

Young Again Cat & Kitten

Young Again’s Original 50/22 is one of their first cat food recipes and is a reliable choice for cats of all ages.

Similar to their small breed dog food recipe, this formula contains an extremely impressive proportion of protein and fat.

Coming in at 50% protein and 22% fat, this nutritional profile is extremely well aligned to a cat’s natural diet in stark contrast to most dry cat food recipes. A nutritional profile like this is so critical given that cats are obligate carnivores.

As usual, Pork and Chicken are the primary contributors of this huge protein and fat proportion, along with a smaller portion of Fish Meal.

In comparison to the dog food recipes, the portion of Potato Starch present is far smaller and only contributes to a tiny portion of carbohydrates.

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