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Applaws is a UK-based pet food brand that was founded in 2006. Like many other brands, they were founded with the aim of producing higher-quality pet food that makes use of large portions of meat and fish ingredients.

While Applaws is UK-based, its products are available in other parts of the world, such as Australia, the USA, and Canada.

Applaws recipes are produced at multiple locations, with the products sold in the UK being made in the UK, but the recipes sold in Australia, produced in Australia.

You can purchase Applaws products from a huge range of physical pet food stores as well as from select online retailers like Petco, PetsAtHome, and Amazon.

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Applaws Product Range

Dog Food

Applaws has a large product range of dog food recipes. This range includes dry dog food, wet/canned dog food, and dog toppers.

Within these ranges, there are some speciality recipes such as those for large breed dogs, puppies, and senior dogs. At this time, Applaws does not produce any breed-specific dog food.

It is important to note that the Applaws product range varies significantly between regions and countries. For example, Applaws dry dog food products are not available in the United States but are in the UK and Australia.

Cat Food

Applaws cat food range is of a similar size to their dog food range. However, the bulk of Applaws cat food recipes are wet/canned, and there is only a small selection of dry food recipes.

Unlike the dog food range, Applaws cat food range does not include age-specific recipes such as those for kittens or senior cats.

Similar to the dog food range, which products are available varies between countries, with some only being available in the UK or Australia.

Applaws Nutrition

Dog Food

The nutrition provided by Applaws dog food recipes range between below-average to above-average.

Sadly, this means that many Applaws recipes do not provide favorable nutrition. Typical nutritional profiles consist of moderate proportions of protein and fat and high proportions of protein.

Below is an example of the nutrition provided by an Applaws dry dog food recipe.

Applaws Example Dog Food Nutrition

Depending on a dog’s activity level, they may need higher proportions of protein and fat on a consistent basis.

If you are looking to provide consistent nutrition with Applaws recipes, we’d recommend selecting a wet/canned recipe as their nutrition is more consistent than the dry food recipes.

If you are interested in learning more about canine nutrition, we highly recommend you read our Dog Food Guide for an in-depth breakdown.

Cat Food

The nutrition provided by Applaws cat food recipes is similar to their dog food range and is typically average when compared to other brands.

This results in some recipes containing higher than needed proportions of carbohydrates and modest proportions of protein and fat.

We would always recommend feeding cats wet cat food where possible as wet cat food can aid in taking on moisture and has more favorable nutrition.

A diet high in animal and fish ingredients is crucial to cats who are obligate carnivores. This means that they do not thrive on a diet high in plant-based ingredients and carbohydrates.

You can learn more about feline nutrition and the different types of cat food in our Cat Food Guide.

Applaws Ingredients

High-Quality Meat & Fish Ingredients

  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Duck
  • Beef
  • Venison
  • Rabbit
  • Salmon

Applaws use a moderate range of meat and fish ingredients in their recipes, including the above. This range includes industry favorites such as Chicken, Turkey, and Beef.

These ingredients are so popular because they are affordable, easy to source, and can provide excellent nutrition to dogs, high in protein and fat.

However, Applaws also uses some less common ingredients, such as Rabbit and Venison. These ingredients are often more expensive and more difficult to source but are appealing to provide variety in a dog’s diet. They can also be used as part of hypoallergenic dog food.

You can learn more about these ingredients in the below articles.

Best Dog Foods With Rabbit

Best Dog Foods With Venison


Other Notable Ingredients

Select Applaws recipes make use of Peas as a source of carbohydrates. Peas are the most popular legume ingredient to be found in dog food, and they are popular as they are affordable and can offer favorable nutrition that is high in protein.

However, there are links between the high use of legumes, such as Peas, in dog food recipes and an increased rate of Canine Heart Disease.

You can read our in-depth discussion about this concerning link here.

Peas Close Up

Some Applaws recipes make use of grain ingredients like Maize, Maize Flour, and White Rice. Grain ingredients are controversial additions to pet food recipes, with many being strongly against their use and who prefer grain-free food.

Despite this opposition, there are supporters of grains, and it is a fact that grain ingredients such as the above can provide a mix of carbohydrates, fiber, and other nutrition.

That being said, processed grain ingredients such as Flour are not high-quality additions as they are extremely dense sources of carbohydrates.


Beet Pulp is used in pet food recipes such as those from Applaws as a source of soluble fiber.

Fiber can be crucial to certain dogs to ensure that they have regular digestions and stools. Outside of this fiber content, Beet Pulp provides little nutrition to dogs or cats.

You can learn more about Beet Pulp in Dried Beet Pulp In Dog Food.

Chicken Fat is regularly included in pet food recipes to improve their flavor and boost the overall levels of animal fat. Chicken Fat is chosen over alternatives as it is affordable and easy to source.

If you are interested in learning more about Chicken fat, read our article Chicken Fat In Dog Food.

Tomato Pomace is similar a similar ingredient to Beet Pulp and serves the same purpose in providing a reliable source of soluble fiber.

This fiber is important to select dogs to regulate their digestion. Similar to Beet Pulp, Tomato Pomace also provides little nutrition outside of its fiber content.

Read more about Tomato Pomace in Tomato Pomace as a Pet Food Ingredient?.

Brewers Yeast is added in tiny quantities to pet food, including Applaws, to provide beneficial vitamins and minerals.

While the benefits of Brewers Yeast are far from conclusive, it does see widespread use in the industry.

You can learn about which nutrients Brewers Yeast can provide in Brewers Yeast In Dog Food.

Applaws Animal Testing

At this time, we have no information on whether Applaws participates in invasive or laboratory testing of animals.

Many pet food brands avoid disclosing information related to their testing regime as they fear customer backlash.

We strongly believe that laboratory or invasive testing of animals is a cruel and outdated practice. We hope that in the future, it will be eliminated.

Applaws Recalls

Based on our research (FDA, AVMA, DogFoodAdvisor), Applaws is no longer a recall-free pet food brand and has issued a recent recall.

In June 2021, several dry cat food recipes from Applaws, sold in the UK, were recalled due to an increased risk of developing the bone marrow condition Pancytopenia.

However, this recall was precautionary, and there is not a definitive link between the food and the disease.

Pancytopenia is a serious risk and can cause a cat’s blood cell count to drop in a short space of time, which can then lead to illness or even death. At least 40 to 50 cats that ate the suspected food were found to have been affected and experienced health issues.

However, the actual number is likely to be much larger, as many pet owners are unaware of health issues or blame other causes.

This recall didn’t just affect recipes from Applaws but also others produced by Fold Hill Foods, which includes recipes from Ava and Sainsbury’s.

The specific Applaws recipes that were a part of this recall are shown below.

Dry cat food recipes with the best before date between December 2022 to June 2023 and that have a site reference code of GB218E5009.

  • Applaws Cat Dry Chicken 400g, 2kg and 7.5kg
  • Applaws Cat Dry Senior Chicken 400g, 2kg and 7.5kg
  • Applaws Cat Dry Chicken & Salmon 400g, 2kg and 7.5kg
  • Applaws Kitten Dry Chicken 400g, 2kg and 7.5kg
  • Applaws Cat Dry Chicken & Lamb 400g, 2kg and 7.5kg
  • Applaws Cat Dry Chicken & Duck 400g, 2kg and 7.5kg
  • Applaws Cat Dry Ocean Fish 350g, 1.8kg and 6kg

Longer ago, in 2018, there were media reports of mold being found in some Applaws recipes. The pet food industry in Australia is regulated differently from other parts of the world, and recalls are rare.

We always ask that pet owners are vigilant of any future recalls of Applaws or any other pet food brand to help ensure that their pets remain healthy and safe.

Applaws Featured Articles

Applaws has not been featured in any of our articles at this time.

Best Of Applaws

Duck With Chicken Review

Applaws Duck With Chicken

The above Duck With Chicken dry dog food recipe from Applaws is available in the UK but doesn’t appear to be sold in the USA.

Chicken is the recipe’s primary ingredient and comes in Dried Form. By being pre-dried, it will be a far denser source of nutrition. Despite the name, the portion of Duck present is, in fact, quite small but does supplement the large portion of Chicken.

This recipe uses the grain ingredients Maize and Rice as some of its core plant-based ingredients, along with a portion of Peas. These ingredients will provide a significant portion of carbohydrates, plant-based protein, and fiber.

The recipe is rounded out with small portions of Beet Pulp, Brewers Yeast, and Flaxseed, which provide a mix of fiber and beneficial vitamins and minerals.

Pate With Lamb And Vegetables Review

Applaws Lamb With Vegetables

The Lamb with Vegetables pate recipe from Applaws is a satisfactory recipe and one with significant variety.

The recipe includes a mix of Chicken, Pork, Lamb, Turkey, and Fish, giving it a varied and unique flavor. These meat and fish ingredients also provide a satisfactory proportion of protein and fat.

Outside of this large portion of meat and fish, the recipe has a modest portion of Peas and Carrots. These vegetables can provide dogs with a small portion of carbohydrates, plant-based protein, and fiber.

Whitefish Review

Applaws Whitefish Recipe Cat Food

The above Whitefish dry cat food recipe is available in the United States and is worth considering.

The recipe’s primary ingredients are Whitefish and Whitefish Meal. This mix of whole fish and fish meal sums to a large portion size that can provide high-quality protein and fat.

Outside of these whitefish ingredients, there is a large portion of Peas, Lentils, and Chickpeas. These legume ingredients are staples of the industry and can provide a mix of plant-based protein, carbohydrates, and fiber.

Lastly, there is a small portion of Flaxseed present, which can provide a range of health benefits and act as a source of the Omega 3 Fatty Acids.

Chicken Flakes In Gravy Review

Applaws Chicken Flakes In Gravy

Almost all cats go crazy over wet cat food, and the above flaked recipe will hopefully have the same effect.

It is an extremely simple recipe with a small ingredient list. The two primary ingredients are Chicken and Chicken Liver. This mix of Chicken ingredients provides an ample portion of protein and fat and makes up the bulk of the recipe.

The Chicken Liver can also enhance the flavor of the recipe and provide some beneficial vitamins and minerals.

Outside of these Chicken ingredients, there is a small portion of Potato Starch, Carrageenan, and Locust Bean Gym. These three ingredients are all used as binding agents to give the food consistent texture and appearance and do not provide significant nutrition.

Full Applaws Product Range

Dog Food

Dry Dog Food

Adult All Breeds Lite

Adult Large Breed Chicken

Adult Small Medium Breed Chicken

Adult Small Medium Breed Chicken With Lamb


Duck With Chicken

Fish With Chicken

Senior All Breeds Chicken

Turkey With Chicken

Puppy Large Breed Chicken

Puppy Small Medium Breed Chicken

Wet/Canned Dog Food

Pate With Chicken And Vegetables

Pate With Lamb And Vegetables

Pate With Salmon And Vegetables

Pate With Rabbit And Vegetables

Luxury Pate Duck With Pumpkin

Luxury Pate Salmon With Courgette

Luxury Pate Venison With Tomato

Chicken With Duck In Jelly

Chicken With Lamb In Jelly

Chicken With Tuna In Jelly

Chicken Breast Tin

Chicken Breast With Beef Liver And Vegetables

Chicken Breast With Ham And Vegetables

Chicken Breast With Salmon And Vegetables

Chicken Breast With Tuna And Vegetables

Chicken Breast With Vegetables

Puppy Tin Chicken

Beef With Carrot Mousse

Chicken With Ham Mousse

Chicken With Lamb And Vegetables Mousse

Grain Free Beef With Vegetables

Grain Free Lamb With Vegetables

Grain Free Turkey With Chicken & Vegetables

Dog Food Toppers

Bone Broth

Chicken Bone Broth With Turmeric & Parsley Pouch

Beef Bone Broth With Turmeric & Parsley Pouch


Chicken Breast With Broccoli, Apple & Quinoa In Broth Pouch

Beef With Green Beans, Sweet Potato & Red Pepper In Broth Pouch


Lamb With Zucchini, Carrot & Chickpeas In Gravy Pouch

Chicken Breast With White Beans, Peas & Pumpkin In Gravy Pouch


Beef Filet With Red Pepper

Chicken Filet With Rosemary


Beef With Liver, Peas & Carrot Terrine Cup

Chicken Breast With Pumpkin Terrine Cup

Cat Food

Dry Cat Food

Chicken With Country Vegetables


Ocean Fish


Wet/Canned Cat Food

Tender Chicken Breast With Tuna Roe

Tender Chicken Breast

Tasty Sardine With Mackerel

Succulent Tuna With Crab

Tasty Tuna Fillet With Prawn

Juicy Chicken Breast With Duck

Cat Layers Tuna With Mackerel In Aspic

Cat Layers Chicken With Carrot And Peas In Aspic

Cat Layers Chicken With Pumpkin In Aspic

Cat Layers Chicken With Lamb In Aspic

Cat Layers Tuna With Shrimp In Aspic

Cat Layers Tuna With Anchovy In Aspic

Ocean Fish

Tuna Fillet With Seaweed

Tuna Fillet With Shrimp

Tuna Fillet With Cheese

Tuna Fillet

Chicken Breast With Pumpkin

Chicken Breast With Cheese

Chicken Breast

Chicken Flakes In Gravy

Grilled Tilapia Flakes With Shrimp In Gravy

Grilled Tilapia Flakes With Sockeye Salmon In Gravy

Grilled Tilapia Flakes With Tuna In Gravy

Tuna Flakes In Gravy

Tuna Flakes With Shrimp In Gravy