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Luvsome is a private label or own-brand pet food that is owned and sold by the grocery store Kroger.

Kroger is a huge player in the grocery industry, with almost 3000 locations, and has been operating in the United States since 1883.

Their huge customer base and retail footprint allow them to provide private label brands like Luvsome to their customers, with many taking advantage of the convenience of shopping for pet food along with their groceries.

Kroger Store

Moreover, Kroger has deliberately priced the Luvsome pet food recipes at a very competitive and cost-effective price point which further increases its appeal.

While researching, we were unable to find a definitive date of when Luvsome products were first found on the store shelves of Kroger, but we believe they have been available for a number of years.

As you might imagine, Kroger is not in the pet food manufacturing business, and it is unlikely that they produce Luvsome products at their own facilities.

However, it is not clear where Luvsome products are produced and whether this production takes in the United States or is done by a large industry 3rd party.

Many grocery store brands use 3rd party manufacturers like Diamond to produce their pet food as they do not have the facilities themselves.

Luvsome Product Range

Dog Food

Luvsome has a moderately sized dog food product range when compared to other similar brands. This range includes a balanced mix of dry dog food and wet/canned dog food.

However, Luvsome doesn’t just stick to the basics and also produces some specialty recipes.

These specialty recipes include some for puppies and senior dogs and a recipe designed to aid dogs in improving the health of their skin and coat.

Luvsome Skin & Coat Salmon Recipe

While not relevant to our site, Kroger also uses the Luvsome brand to sell some other dog-related products, such as dog toys.

Cat Food

Luvsome’s cat food range is also moderately sized and is similar to its dog food range. It consists of a balanced mix of dry cat food and wet/canned cat food.

Once again, Luvsome hasn’t just produced cat food for adult cats but also has some niche recipes within this range.

Some examples of these niche cat food recipes include one for kittens and younger cats, another for indoor cats, and one to help reduce hairballs.

Luvsome Indoor Cat Turkey

As we mentioned further above, Kroger also uses the Luvsome brand to sell some non-cat-food-related items such as cat litter and cat toys.

Luvsome Nutrition

Dog Food

Based on our research, Luvsome dog food products provide, at best, average nutrition when compared to other dog food brands.

Their recipes often contain very high levels of carbohydrates, and this kind of nutrition is not appropriate for most dogs.

You can see an example of this below, which is the nutritional profile of their Adult Chicken dry dog food recipe.

Luvsome Dog Food Nutrition Example

As you can see, the carbohydrate proportion is estimated to be 46% which is almost half of the recipe’s nutritional content.

Instead of a nutritional profile like this, most dogs, especially those that are active, would excel on a more balanced nutrition profile with higher levels of protein and fat.

In addition to the high carbohydrate levels, a large portion of the protein found in Luvsome formulas is from plant-based sources.

Plant-based protein is considered by some to be inferior to animal or fish-based protein and does not contain the full range of amino acids.

It is also heavily utilized thanks to its reduced cost when compared to meat or fish ingredients.

If you’d like to read more about canine nutrition, we’d highly recommend you check out our Dog Food Guide.

Cat Food

The nutrition offered by many of Luvsome’s cat food recipes is similar to their dog food range. It has moderate levels of protein and fat and excessive levels of carbohydrates.

Cats do not need to consume a high proportion of carbohydrates in their diet as they obligate carnivores. This means that they thrive best on a diet of meat and fish with minimal plant matter.

However, their Chicken dry cat food recipe and some of Luvsome’s wet cat food recipes offer acceptable nutrition that is a better reflection of a cat’s natural diet.

You can see the nutrition profile of their Chicken dry cat food recipe below.

Luvsome Cat Nutrition Example

As you can see above, the sum of protein and fat in this recipe is almost 75% which is surprisingly high for a private-label grocery store brand.

We’d recommend checking the nutrition provided by the Luvsome cat food recipe you are considering to understand if it is satisfactory.

If you’d like to understand more about what it means to be an obligate carnivore, as well as other information related to feline nutrition, be sure to read our Cat Food Guide.

Luvsome Ingredients

High-Quality Meat & Fish Ingredients

  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Beef
  • Salmon
  • Tuna
  • Trout
  • Whitefish

The above high-quality meat and fish ingredients are some of the most common to be found in dog and cat food recipes.

They are commonly used by brands and pet food manufacturers because they are affordable and very nutritionally dense.

Whole meat and fish ingredients such as these should be at the core of every dog and cat food recipe and preferably be the first listed ingredient.

By being present in high concentrations, they can effectively provide much-needed protein and fat that is highly digestible.

Whole Salmon

Other Notable Ingredients

Luvsome makes extensive use of grain ingredients in its recipes, such as Corn, Wheat, Brewers Rice, and Corn Gluten Meal.

Grain ingredients can be extremely controversial, with many pet owners split on whether they are a great addition or should be avoided.

To make things worse, some of the grains used by Luvsome would be considered by many to be the worst grains when it comes to pet food ingredients.

Both Corn and Wheat are probably the least preferred grain ingredients and are so unpopular many brands openly advertise the fact that they do not utilize them.

Outside of their bad press, these grain ingredients can be very dense sources of carbohydrates, and the combination of these ingredients will lead to a disproportionate sum.


However, Luvsome does utilize some grains that are looked upon more favorably, such as Barley and Oat Meal.

These grains are considered by some to be ‘less processed’ and contain a broad range of nutrition, including dietary fiber.

You can learn more about Barley in our article Barley In Dog Food.

In addition to grains like Corn and Wheat, Luvsome also utilizes some grain-byproducts such as Brewer’s Rice.

Sadly Brewer’s Rice is considered by many to be a low-quality ingredient and is made up of discarded and fragmented rice kernels.

However, there are some niche uses for it in food for pets with digestive and stomach issues.

You can learn more about Brewers Rice in our article Brewers Rice In Dog Food.

Mixed Rice Grains

While there are mixed opinions about grain ingredients, Animal Fat is a far scarier ingredient and should raise eyebrows.

The reason Animal Fat is so problematic is the fact that it is extremely vague and unaccountable.

It could contain fat from a whole range of animals, and the fact that the manufacturer is unwilling to state the exact source is a serious concern.

Peas occasionally feature in Luvsome recipes as a minor plant-based ingredient, and this is not a shock given how widespread their use has become.

Peas are one of the most popular plant-based ingredients to be used in pet food as they are affordable, easy to source, and offer favorable nutrition that is high in protein for a plant-based ingredient.

However, the portion size of Peas used in Luvsome recipes is extremely small, so their effect will be minor compared to grain-free foods that utilize them heavily.

You can learn more about Peas and why there have been concerns in recent years about their links to increased rates of Canine Heart Disease in our article Peas, Pea Protein, Pea Flour, and Pea Fiber in Dog Food.


In more positive territory, Brewers Yeast features in some Luvsome recipes in small quantities.

Brewers Yeast is typically added to pet food recipes because of the beneficial vitamins and minerals it contains.

However, many also believe that it can provide dogs and cats with other health benefits.

You can learn which vitamins and minerals are found in Brewers Yeast and their supposed health benefits in Brewers Yeast In Dog Food.

Luvsome Animal Testing

We currently have no information on whether Luvsome participates in animal testing for its product range.

This is not a great surprise, as many smaller or private-label brands do not disclose any detailed information about their testing regime.

This concerns some in the industry who fear that pet food may not have been suitably tested for long-term consumption.

However, we believe that laboratory or invasive forms of animal testing are a cruel and outdated practice that we hope will be eliminated or significantly reduced in the coming years.

Luvsome Recalls

Based on our research (FDA, AVMA, DogFoodAdvisor), we have no information that leads us to believe Luvsome dog or cat food has ever been recalled, which makes Luvsome a recall-free pet food brand.

While Luvsome may not be a massive pet food brand, this record is still impressive and shows that the manufacturer of their food takes their safety and quality processes seriously.

We hope that Luvsome can continue to maintain this recall-free record in the coming years.

Despite this current recall-free record, we encourage pet owners to be vigilant of any future recalls of Luvsome products or any other pet food to ensure their pets remain healthy and safe.

Best of Luvsome

Natural Formula With Chicken Review

Luvsome Natural With Chicken

Given the size of Luvsome’s dog food range, there isn’t a huge range of choices, and we thought the above Adult Chicken recipe was our safest bet for most dogs.

The recipe contains Chicken as its first listed ingredient, which means there is a substantial portion present.

This Chicken helps to contribute to a minimum proportion of protein and fat of 25% and 12%, which is average but satisfactory for some dogs, especially those who are less active.

In addition to this Chicken, the recipe utilizes a mix of grain ingredients like Corn, Wheat, Brewers Rice, and Pearled Barley.

This mix of grain ingredients provides a reliable source of carbohydrates and dietary fiber.

Turkey Stew With Noodles Review

Luvsome Turkey Stew With Noodles

The above wet dog food recipe could be a good choice for those dog owners looking to mix wet dog food into their dog’s diet but without splashing out on more premium choices.

The recipe utilizes a large portion of Turkey as the primary ingredient, which is a high-quality source of animal-based protein and fat.

Thanks to this Turkey, the recipe has a minimum of 8.5% protein, which Luvsome proudly displays on its packaging.

Natural Review

Luvsome Natural Cat Food

Flaked Trout Dinner Review

Luvsome Flaked Trout Dinner Cat Food

Luvsome Featured Articles

The 10 Worst Dog Foods – Sadly, we don’t look at Luvsome too favorably in comparison to other brands, which has resulted in it featuring in our round-up of the worst brands in the industry.

You can learn about why Luvsome was categorized like this and what other brands are featured in this informative article.

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