Brewers Rice In Dog Food

What Is Brewers Rice?

Brewer’s rice consists of small fragments of rice kernels that have been separated from the larger kernels of rice that is milled. Brewers Rice can regularly be found in some dog and cat foods, usually those that are lower-cost or lower-quality. However, there are insistences of Brewers Rice findings its way into recognizable pet food brands.

These small fragments of rice kernels were traditionally used in the process of brewing alcohol which is where the phrase ‘brewer’s rice’ is thought to have originated from. However, the brewer’s rice that is found in pet food products is unlikely to have come from a brewery.

A Bowl of Rice

The fragments of rice that make up Brewers Rice are not aesthetically pleasing enough for consumers. The visually pleasing kernels are separated from the less visually pleasing and used in human food while the broken and fragmented kernels are used in dog or cat food.

Now whether the ingredient is aesthetic isn’t particularly important in comparison to its nutritional value. However, most of the non-visually pleasing rice kernels are milled into Rice Flour. Only the most inferior quality and visually unappealing kernels are then discarded to be used in pet food.

Many within the industry describe grain by-products such as Brewers Rice as “Floor Sweepings”. While this may seem like a joke, it is not and is not an inaccurate description of these type of ingredients.

Along with Rice Flour, and Brewers Rice, other examples of low-quality grain by-products are Rice Bran and Rice Gluten.

Rice is a grain, and generally, we discourage our readers from feeding their dogs formulas with a high proportion of grain ingredients.

While we may be more lenient and forgiving to whole grains, such as Brown Rice and Oatmeal, thanks to their other benefits, Brewers Rice is, without a doubt, a low-quality grain ingredient and a low-cost filler which has no place in dog or cat food.


Brewers Rice Nutrition

Brewers Rice offers very little nutritional value. The only nutrition that Brewers Rice does offer is carbohydrates. As we regularly discuss, dogs do not need a significant portion of carbohydrates in their diet. Instead, the majority of their diet should consist of animal protein and fat.

In addition to this, it is preferred that dogs get their carbohydrates from a high-quality source such as whole vegetables. Examples could include Pumpkin, Sweet Potatoes, and Lentils.

These ingredients can provide other benefits beyond their carbohydrate content, such as high levels of vitamins and minerals, dietary fiber and low glycemic indexes.

Sadly, the carbohydrates offered by Brewers Rice are not high-quality. They are a very dense source of carbohydrates which could enable or cause obesity, as well as potentially worsen serious diseases such as Diabetes.

Moreover, low-quality grain ingredients such as Brewers Rice, Wheat, and Corn can often cause allergies and irritations in many dogs. These allergic reactions can manifest in many forms such as rashes, diarrhea, and other symptoms.

Find out more about common dietary allergies in dogs and hypoallergenic dog food in our article Best Hypoallergenic Dog Foods Guide.

This in-depth article will guide you through everything you need to know and suggest some of the better recipes available today.

Dog Food Brands That Use Brewers Rice

It will come as no surprise that many of the lower-cost or lower-quality dog food brands make use of Brewers Rice as it is a very cheap ingredient.

Some examples include Vibrant LifeRachel Ray Nutrish, and Simply Nourish. While Brewers Rice is not the primary carbohydrate ingredient in recipes from these brands, there is a notable portion present which means we can not disregard it.

When discussing specific ingredients used in dog food, we would typically suggest some of the best recipes available that utilize the ingredient.

However, when it comes to Brewers Rice, we do not feel comfortable promoting any recipe that uses it. Brewers Rice, alongside a long list of other filler ingredients, has no place in dog food and we hope its use diminishes over time.

Most dog owners who would be considering a dog food recipe that contains Brewers Rice are on a tight budget and do not have significant cash to spend on premium dog food.

We, therefore, recommend you check out our Best Cheap Dog Food article to see what options are out there that are affordable yet nutritous.


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