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Vibrant Life is a pet brand owned and exclusively sold by Walmart. Vibrant Life sells dog food alongside other pet products like dog treats and accessories. 

The brand first landed on shelves in early 2018 and, as of yet, still has a fairly limited product range.

There is currently very limited information on Vibrant Life, including where it is produced and where it sources its ingredients from.

Given that it is a low-cost brand, production and ingredient sourcing may be from outside the United States, but we can not confirm that at this time.

Other pet food brands owned by Walmart are outsourced to third-party manufacturers, and we believe that Vibrant Life also follows this practice.

As we mentioned earlier, Vibrant Life is a Walmart exclusive which means that you can purchase it from thousands of retail Walmart stores across the United States. Vibrant Life is also regularly available online from Walmart’s growing online business.

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Vibrant Life Logo

Vibrant Life Product Range

Vibrant Life has a very small product range of dog food when compared to other brands. This small product range originally included two recipes for adult dogs, one recipe for small breed dogs, and finally, a recipe for puppies.

While extremely limited, this range offered recipes aimed at puppies and small breed dogs, which fills two of the important niches.

In 2020, Vibrant Life expanded its range to include some wet dog food recipes. So far, there are only three recipes available, but this range may grow in the future. You can see one of these new recipes below.

Vibrant Life Homestyle Pot Roast Dinner & Gravy

Vibrant Life has a modest range of dog treats. These treats come in a variety of forms, including soft treats, crunchy treats, jerky, and more.

Vibrant Life Nutrition

Based on the below, one would think that the nutrition provided by Vibrant Life’s formulas is notably above average.

Technically this is true for both the protein content and the fat content of their formulas, as the level of carbohydrates is below average and the level of fat is significantly above average.

However, while the protein level may look impressive, a large portion of this protein is from low-quality plant-based material, which will be discussed later.

Vibrant Life Dry Dog Food Average Calorie Breakdown Chart

Plant-based protein such as this is less digestible and bioavailable than protein from meat and fish ingredients and is consequently considered inferior.

Nevertheless, the nutrition provided by Vibrant life formulas is a step up from the poor nutrition provided by other low-cost grocery store brands, especially those sold at Walmart.

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Vibrant Life Ingredients

Vibrant Life displays on its packaging that it does not contain any of the following:

  • Corn
  • Meat Byproduct Meals
  • Artificial Colours
  • Artificial Preservatives

While we would prefer that the list of ingredients Vibrant Life chooses not to use would be far more expansive, all these ingredients are negative additions to any dog food, and to exclude these is a positive.

High-Quality Meat & Fish Ingredients

  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Chicken Meal

All three of these abovementioned ingredients can provide high-quality animal-based protein and fat, which is extremely suitable for a dog’s diet.

Both Beef and Chicken are industry favorites and are used by the vast majority of dog food brands. This popularity is due to their low cost and the fact that they are easy to source.

While some frown upon them, you should not be afraid of meat meal ingredients like Chicken Meal. They can, in fact, be advantageous to many dogs thanks to their nutritional value.

Meat Meal, like Chicken Meal, has had its moisture removed in advance of production, which makes it a more dense source of protein and fat on a gram-for-gram basis.

Lastly, some of Vibrant Life’s new wet dog food recipes include portions of organ meat ingredients like Chicken Liver.

These organ meat ingredients are excellent additions to pet food recipes and can provide additional protein and fat, as well as beneficial vitamins and minerals.

You can learn more about the use of organ meat ingredients in pet food in our article Organ Meat Ingredients In Pet Food.

A group of young chickens

Other Notable Ingredients

Brewer’s Rice consists of smaller fragments of rice kernels that have been separated from larger kernels during the milling process.

Brewers Rice is considered by many to be of poorer quality than Whole Brown Rice.

Despite this controversy, Brewers Rice can still provide some nutrition to dogs in the form of carbohydrates and fiber, so it is not without value.

However, we will also note that that are some niche cases for dogs with health issues where Brewers Rice may be beneficial, and there is research that it can be more easily digested.

You can learn more specifics about this as well as more information on why Brewer’s Rice is so controversial in our article Brewers Rice In Dog Food.


Soybean Meal is a By-product of Soy and is a dense source of plant-based protein but can also provide some carbohydrates, fiber, and other nutrition.

Soy, especially Soybean Meal, is considered a low-quality addition to dog food recipes by many and is often included as it is very low-cost.

While it has been used by many brands over the years, Soy is not very uncommon and Vibrant Life is one of the few brands still utilizing it in their recipes.

Wheat Mill Run is an extremely controversial ingredient that is described by some critics as floor-sweeping. It is considered a low-quality ingredient and negative addition to any dog food recipe.

Wheat Mill Run consists of the hulls and other by-products expelled by the wheat milling process, which are then collected and sold as an ingredient to cheap, low-quality dog food manufacturers.

Wheat Mill Run is often sold as livestock feed for animals such as pigs or chickens in an attempt to quickly and cheaply fatten them up.

Flaxseed is an extremely common addition to pet food recipes from low-cost to premium, and some recipes from Vibrant Life utilize it.

Flaxseed is best known for being an excellent plant-based source of the Omega 3 Fatty Acids. These fatty acids are thought to provide dogs with several health benefits, including improved cognitive function and an improvement in the condition of their skin and coat.

However, Flaxseed has more benefits that are less well-known among dog owners. If you’d like to learn more about these benefits, check out our article, Flaxseed In Dog Food.


Some of Vibrant Life’s wet dog food recipes include small portions of vegetable ingredients like Peas, Potatoes, and Carrots.

These vegetable ingredients are common in grain-free dog food and can provide a mix of carbohydrates, plant-based protein, and fiber.

Legumes, in particular, like Peas, are favored as they contain very high levels of plant-based protein compared to alternatives.

However, there are some concerns around the use of legumes, like Peas, in dog food recipes as brands who heavily utilize them have seen increased risks of Canine Heart Disease among their customers.

While this link is far from conclusive, it is notable, and you can read more about this here.

However, based on our review of their ingredient list, the portion size of legumes like Peas in Vibrant Life recipes is extremely small and not worthy of concern.

Peas Close Up

Dried Beet Pulp is another common addition to pet food recipes and is used as a reliable source of soluble fiber.

While not all dogs experience issues, higher levels of soluble fiber can be critical to some dogs to ensure they keep regular digestion and stools.

However, outside of this soluble fiber content, Dried Beet Pulp provides very little other valuable nutrition to dogs.

You can learn more about how Dried Beet Pulp is made, and its nutrition in our article Dried Beet Pulp In Dog Food.

Lastly, Vibrant Life’s wet dog food recipes utilize some poorly understand ingredients like Guar Gum.

Guar Gum, or other similar Gum’s like Cassia Gum and Xanthan Gum, are found in wet dog food recipes from many brands and are used as binding agents.

This means that its purpose is to hold the ingredients of dog food together in a constant texture and appearance.

However, outside of this trait, Guar Gum provides very little nutritional value. You can read more about Guar Gum, including how it is made, in our article Guar Gum In Pet Food.

Vibrant Life Animal Testing

At this point in time, we have no information on whether Vibrant Life performs testing on animals and whether this testing is laboratory or invasive.

However, other dog food brands owned by Walmart have been proven to test on animals, so it is likely that Vibrant Life may follow in their footsteps.

Many smaller pet food brands avoid disclosing information on their animal testing or feeding trials as they fear customer backlash.

Laboratory or invasive animal testing is cruel and distressing for the animals involved, and we hope that over the coming years, animal testing for the purposes of trialing dog food is eliminated or heavily reduced.

Vibrant Life Recalls

At this point in time, we have no evidence (FDA, AVMA, DogFoodAdvisor) that Vibrant Life products have ever been recalled, which makes Vibrant Life a recall-free dog food brand.

Despite their relatively young age and limited product range, this is notable and should be noted as a positive trait.

However, in a similar circumstance to the above discussion, many other Walmart dog food brands have been recalled in the past.

One prime example of this is Ol’ Roy which has had several recalls in the past. You can read more about Ol’ Roy and its recalls in our Ol’ Roy Brand Review.

Ol' Roy Logo

That being said, Walmart is very conscious of the safety of its product, and rest assured any product that has been recalled will no longer be available for purchase at their stores.

We always encourage consumers to be vigilant of any future recalls of Vibrant Life, Walmart products, or any other pet food brand to ensure their dogs remain safe and healthy.

Best of Vibrant Life Dog Food

Chicken, Oatmeal & Egg Puppy Recipe Review

Vibrant Life Chicken, Oatmeal & Egg Recipe Packaging

We consider the above puppy formula to be the best of Vibrant Life’s small collection.

The primary motivation behind this is that it has slightly superior nutrition by providing slightly higher levels of protein and slightly smaller portions of carbohydrates.

In addition to this, the formula has superior ingredients as it contains Oatmeal, which is considered one of the better grain ingredients, and egg product which is a very digestible and nutritious ingredient.

However, despite the inclusion of Oatmeal and Egg Product, the formula still contains Brewers Rice, Soybean Meal, and Wheat Mill Run, which are all considered very low-quality fillers and have no place in dog food.

Homestyle Pot Roast Dinner & Gravy Review

Vibrant Life Homestyle Pot Roast Dinner & Gravy

The above Homestyle Pot Roast Dinner & Gravy is one of Vibrant Life’s new wet dog food recipes.

While many cheaper and lower-cost wet dog food recipes utilize unnamed meat ingredients, all three of the recipe’s primary ingredients are named.

This includes a mix of Chicken, Beef, and Chicken Liver. These three ingredients combine to provide an impressive proportion of protein and fat.

The Chicken Liver is notable and is an excellent addition. Organ meat ingredients like Chicken Liver can greatly enhance the flavor of dog food and provide some beneficial vitamins and minerals.

Outside of this meat content, there are smaller portions of plant-based ingredients like Wheat Gluten, Dried Potatoes, Wheat Flour, and more.

These ingredients are not the most favored among dog owners but provide some carbohydrates and fiber.

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