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Weruva was created by Stacey and David Foreman and is inspired and named after their three rescue cats, Webster, Rudi, and Vanessa.

They were unable to find products to meet their high standards, so they decided to start their own pet food company.

Also, once the couple adopted a dog by the name of Baron, they decided to expand their brand’s products to dog food.

Weruva also has a very popular sub-brand of cat food known as B.F.F. or Best Feline Friend. Many cat owners who feed this brand are completely unaware it is linked to Weruva.

Weruva is one of the few pet food brands to produce its food in what it considers a “human-grade facility.”

What this means, in short, is that the ingredients that they use in their recipes and formulas are suitable for human consumption and not what we would consider inedible or inferior cuts of meat.

While it is true that dogs and cats can eat cuts of meat and fish that humans would not, these human-grade ingredients are generally of higher quality and contain superior nutrition.

The processing of Weruva Pet Food allows some of the ingredients to maintain their appearance so they are recognizable. This is surprisingly uncommon, and most dog and cat food tends to have a very generic look and feel.

While it is debatable whether these more natural-looking cuts of meat provide any nutritional benefit, they can provide your pet with a more realistic texture, taste, and smell.

One fact about Weruva that gives it an edge over its competition is the type of Chicken it uses in its recipes.

While most brands tend to use lower-quality or less preferred cuts of Chicken, due to their lower cost, Weruva uses boneless, skinless cuts of breast meat, which could be easily compared to what we humans pick up in our local grocery store.

It will come as a surprise to many to learn that some of Weruva’s products are not produced in the USA and are produced in Thailand. While this may sound concerning for some, it may not be as worrying as it appears.

Pet foods produced outside of the United States, in countries such as China or South America, generally have connotations surrounding them with concerns about safety and quality.

However, it appears, in this unique case, that Weruva maintains its high-quality production despite outsourcing it to Thailand instead of the United States.

Weruva Product Range

Cat Food

While most cat food brands produce a mix of dry and wet formulas, Weruva is one of the only brands just to produce wet cat food. While this might sound like a negative trait, this could be considered a positive by some.

This is because cats are not adequately suited to only eat dry food, and eating just dry food can lead to serious health concerns such as dehydration and urinary tract problems.

Another positive is that Weruva’s wet cat food range is that it is extensive and varied. Some ranges utilize a variety of meat and fish ingredients to ensure that there will be at least one, if not a few, that your feline friend enjoys thoroughly.

Finally, Weruva’s wet cat food is probably best known because of their amusing and inventive names. This includes many puns and plays on words related to celebrities and game shows, to name a few.

Dog Food

Despite being best known for its cat food, Weruva produces a notable range of dog food products. This includes traditional dry kibble, which does not cause adverse effects for dogs, alongside pouches and canned dog food.

Their dry food range is relatively small, but all of the formulas provide excellent nutrition, with a far higher proportion of protein and fat than some of their competitor’s formulas. This nutrition will be discussed in more detail later on.

The canned dog food range is also notable, not just because of its vast size, but because of the unique flavors and recipes provided.

Similar to the cat food range, Weruva canned dog food formulas have very flamboyant and extravagant names such as Steak Frites, Bed and Breakfast, and Peking Ducken.

Most dog food brand tends to have somewhat generic formulas, but Weruva certainly breaks the mold.

Weruva Nutrition

Overall, the nutrition provided by Weruva’s dog and cat food is above average. While the proportions of protein and fat are not quite as high as some of Weruva’s competitors, they are still very satisfactory and suitable for the vast majority of pets.

Weruva Dry Dog Food Average Calorie Breakdown

The nutrition provided by Weruva’s dry dog food recipes is fantastic and far above the average. In particular, the protein levels of their formulas are very high and suitable for dogs of all activity levels.

While the proportion of carbohydrates found in Weruva’s dry dog food formulas varies, all of their formulas are below average and would not be considered very excessive.

We would highly recommend learning more about canine nutrition in our Dog Food Guide.

Weruva Ingredients

High-Quality Ingredients Meat & Fish Ingredients

  • Chicken Meal
  • Salmon Meal
  • Turkey Meal
  • Venison Meal
  • Herring Meal
  • Lamb Meal
  • Tuna
  • Lentils
  • Chickpeas
  • Green Peas
  • Pumpkin
  • Whole Eggs
  • Salmon Oil

Weruva makes use of a wide range of high-quality meat and fish ingredients. This includes staples like Turkey and Chicken but also less common ingredients such as Venison or Lamb.

Weruva cat food makes use of a tremendous amount of Tuna. Tuna is a very nutritious ingredient, high in protein and fat.

It’s important for a cat’s diet to include more than just Tuna, which is why all of Weruva’s formulas include other ingredients.

A large portion of the meat and fish ingredients used in Weruva products are meat meals. While this may sound unappetizing, a named meat meal such as Chicken Meal or Salmon Meal is, in fact, a high-quality ingredient.

The difference between whole meat cuts and meat meals is that it has had its moisture removed. This leaves behind a product that is far more nutritionally dense in protein, fat, and other nutrients.

Another notable high-quality ingredient included in Weruva recipes is Eggs. Eggs are one of the easily digested and nutritionally dense ingredients found in dog food.

They contain high-quality protein and fat and a number of beneficial vitamins and minerals.


Low-Quality Ingredients

  • Pea Protein

Sadly, Weruva does make some minor use of the Pea By-product Pea Protein.

As we discussed in our Peas, Pea Protein, Pea Flour, and Pea Fiber in Dog Food article, Pea Protein is not a positive addition to dog food and is often used to inflate the overall protein levels of formulas without having to include most costly meat or fish ingredients.

However, it appears that Weruva’s formulas are already high in protein before this Pea Protein is taken into account. Therefore it may be of lesser concern.

Peas In A Pod

Other Notable Ingredients

Some of Weruva’s dog food formulas also contain a small selection of grain ingredients. While we generally do not suggest grains and believe them to be a lower-quality ingredient, there are some unique circumstances where they may be considered.

Such as dogs with severe allergies who cannot tolerate the traditional higher-quality carbohydrate-providing ingredients.

Unfortunately, the formulas that do contain grains that Weruva produces also contain a broad range of other vegetables that are unlikely to be suitable for dogs with severe allergies.

Weruva Animal Testing

We are happy to inform you that, to the best of our knowledge, Weruva does not use Animal Testing to test their products.

While it’s not clear at this time what alternative methods they use, it is likely that they participate in stress-free and relaxed feeding trials on animals whose owners have given explicit permission.

We believe an approach such as this is the best option going forward, and we vehemently denounce forced animal testing for the benefit of pet food manufacturers.

Weruva Recalls

Based on our research (FDA, AVMA, DogFoodAdvisor), we have no information to believe that Weruva has ever been recalled, which makes it a recall-free brand.

However, one of Weruva’s sub-brands, known as the B.F.F. range, does have a recall from Australia. While this BFF range may be a separate brand, it still falls under the Weruva umbrella and should be noted.

This recall in Australia was for an insufficient level of the vitamin Thiamine, which is also known as vitamin B1.

Thiamine is crucial for normal metabolism in cats, and therefore a deficiency can be dangerous. The side effects of such a deficiency could be incoordination, a head tilt, or seizures.

The recipes themselves were not considered dangerous, but ensuring that cats get an appropriate balance of nutrients to remain healthy is essential, and the Australian authorities were warranted in their recall of this product.

However, as we mentioned, the core Weruva brand has no recall history, which is fantastic given that the brand is now over ten years old, which is a significant age.

Regardless, we always encourage pet owners to be vigilant of any future recalls of Weruva or any other pet food brand to ensure their pets remain healthy and safe.

Best of Weruva

Harmony – Venison and Salmon Meal Dinner with Pumpkin Review

Weruva Harmony - Venison and Salmon Meal Dinner with Pumpkin

Weruva produces a small range of dry dog food. Their Harmony range is our favorite and has some extremely satisfactory nutrition levels from a range of high-quality ingredients.

As you might have guessed, Weruva’s Venison & Salmon Meal Dinner with Pumpkin doesn’t only contain Venison but also includes Salmon Meal as well as a small proportion of Herring Meal and Eggs.

For this reason, this formula may not be suitable for those of you who are searching for a Limited Ingredient formula with Venison.

Nevertheless, all the ingredients mentioned are of a very high quality and, when combined, provide an excellent nutrient profile.

The proportion of protein in this formula is particularly high and would be very suitable for dogs of all activity levels.

That’s My Jam With Chicken & Lamb in Gelee Review

Weruva That's My Jam Can

Marbella Paella With Mackerel, Shrimp & Mussels Review

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Also, it suggests some of the best dog food formulas currently available that utilize Venison. One of these is a Weruva formula.

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Sadly, Weruva features in this article because Pea Protein is present in a select number of its recipes.

Best High Protein Dog Food – As we mentioned earlier, Weruva’s dry dog food formulas have extremely high levels of Protein.

Therefore it is unsurprising that Weruva’s formulas would feature in our article that showcases some of the best high protein formulas currently available.

Tomato Pomace as a Pet Food Ingredient? – Tomato Pomace is a little-known ingredient, but one that is becoming increasingly more common as a minor ingredient in pet food.

Some of Weruva’s formulas contain Tomato Pomace, and therefore they are mentioned in this informational article.

Alfalfa In Dog Food – Alfalfa is not a commonly known ingredient, but it is finding its way into dog and cat food as a minor ingredient or supplement.

Weruva is one of the brands making consistent use of it and is mentioned in this article discussing its use.

Weruva Full Products Range

Dry Dog Food

Harmony Range

Harmony – Chicken Dinner with Pumpkin

Harmony – Chicken, Turkey and Salmon Dinner with Pumpkin

Harmony – Venison and Salmon Meal Dinner with Pumpkin

Melody Range

Melody – Chicken Dinner with Lentils

Melody – Chicken, Turkey and Salmon Dinner with Lentils

Melody – Lamb Dinner with Lentils

Wet Dog Food

Classic Range

Paw Lickin’ Chicken

Funky Chunky

Steak Frites

Wok The Dog

Jammin’ Salmon

Bed & Breakfast

Amazon Liver

Grandma’s Chicken Soup

Peking Ducken

Green Eggs & Chicken

Cirque De La Mer

Marbella Paella

Hot Dayum!

That’s My Jam!

Dogs In The Kitchen Range

Love Me Tender

Fowl Ball

Funk In The Trunk

The Double Dip

Goldie Lox


Dog Supplements

Pumpkin Patch Up

Wet Cat Food

Classic Range

Paw Lickin’ Chicken

Grandma’s Chicken Soup

Funky Chunky

Nine Liver

Green Eggs & Chicken

Mideast Feast

Mack and Jack

Polynesian BBQ

Asian Fusion

Meow Luau

Marbella Paella

Outback Grill

Pate Range

Jeopurrdy Licious

Meal Of Fortune

Family Food

Love Connection

The Slice Is Right

Name ‘Dat Tuna

The Newly Feds

Let’s Make A Meal

Press Your Lunch!

Who Wants To Be A Meowionaire?

Jolly Good Fares

Meows N’ Holler PurrAmid

Meal or No Deal

Tic Tac Whoa

Stew Range

Goody Stew Shoes


Stew’s Clues


Taco Stewsday

Stewy Lewis

What A Crock

Too Hot To Handle

Simmer Down

Stick A Spork In It

Kettle Call

Stir The Pot

Cats In The Kitchen Range

Chicken Frick ‘A Zee

Fowl Ball

The Double Dip

Funk In The Trunk

Goldie Lox

Splash Dance

Lamb Burger-ini

Kitty Gone Wild

La Isla Bonita

Two Tu Tango

Pumpkin Lickin’ Chicken

Pumpkin Jack Splash

Love Me Tender

1 If By Land 2 If By Sea

Mack, Jack & Sam

Chicken Magnet

Cats In The Kitchen Pate Range

Cat Times At Fridgemont

Cats To The Future


Meowiss Bueller

The Breakfast Cat

The Karate Kitty

The Brat Pack

B.F.F. Originals

Tuna Too Cool

Tuna & Chicken 4Eva

Tuna & Salmon Soulmates

Tuna & Pumpkin Valentine

Tuna & Chicken Chuckles

Tuna & Shrimp Sweethearts

Tuna & Tilapia Twosome

Tuna & Bonito Be Mine

Tuna & Beef Babycakes

Tuna & Chicken Charm Me

Tuna & Duck Devour Me

Tuna & Lamb Luv Ya

Tuna & Salmon Sweet Cheeks

Tuna & Turkey Tickles

Rainbow A Gogo

B.F.F. Oh My Gravy

Tuna & Salmon Sweet Cheeks

Tuna & Chicken Charm Me

Tuna & Turkey Tickles

Tuna & Duck Devour Me

Tuna & Beef Baby Cakes

Tuna & Lamb Luv Ya

Purr-Fect Plannin’

Seeya Sooner

Ciao Baby!

Date Nite!



Chicken Charge Me Up

Chicken & Turkey Text Me

Chicken & Salmon Shine Bright

Tuna & Chicken Chase Me

Tuna & Turkey Tell Me

Tuna & Salmon Start Me Up

Tuna & Duck Dilly Dally

Tuna & Beef Belly Rubs

Tuna & Lamb Lights Out

Chicken & Turkey QT Patootie!

Chicken & Pumpkin Love Munchkin

Chicken & Salmon Crazy 4 U!

Duck & Tuna Lots-O-Luck!

Beef & Salmon Best Day Eva!

Chicken & Lamb Selfie Cam!

Chicken Cloud 9

Chicken & Salmon Stir It Up

Chicken & Duck Dream Team

Chicken & Beef Be Happy

Chicken & Lamb Live N’ Love

B.F.F. Play

Chicken Checkmate

Chicken & Turkey Topsy Turvy

Chicken, Duck & Turkey Take A Chance

Chicken & Beef Best Buds

Chicken & Lamb Laugh Out Loud

Chicken & Tuna Til’ Then

Turkey & Tuna Tweet Me!

Duck & Tuna Trickster

Salmon & Tuna Tuck Me In

Beef & Tuna Tic Toc

Lamb & Tuna Told Ya’

Chicken Cherish

Chicken & Turkey Tiptoe

Chicken & Duck Destiny

Chicken & Tuna Tubular

Turkey & Tuna Twinkles

Duck & Tuna Tap Dance

Beef & Yuna Ta Da!

Tuna & Chicken Chill Out!

Tuna & Turkey Totes

Tuna & Salmon Shhh…

Tuna & Beef Blast Off!

Tuna & Lamb Lovers’ Lane

Tuna & Chicken Check Please!

Tuna & Salmon Oh Snap!

Tuna & Beef Bodacious!

Tuna & Duck Double Dare

Tuna & Turkey T.T.Y.L.


Quick ‘N Quirky

Peking Ducken

On The Cat Wok

Steak Frites

Pretty In Pink

Mediterranean Harvest

Kawa Booty

Glam N’ Punk

Honor Roll

Meow Me A River

Cat Supplements

Pumpkin Patch Up