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Kindfull is a sub-brand from Target and can be considered their store-brand or private-label pet food. This is similar to how Costco has their Kirkland private label brand, and Sam’s Club has Member’s Mark.

Target is a massive brand American big box department store and is the 7th largest retailer in the United States, only trumped by giants like Walmart, Costco, and Home Depot.

Their huge size gives them a strong position to develop private-label brands like Kindfull and offer them to millions of customers across the country.

Target Store

However, the Kindfull brand from Target is a relatively new addition to the shelves of Target stores, having only launched in late 2021.

Despite its young age, its seen huge growth and appeal from shoppers who want to take advantage of the convenience of purchasing their pet food from Target, as well as the store’s competitive prices.

Speaking of prices, Kindfull recipes are aimed at the lower end of the market, with large 23lb bags of dry dog food being available for as little as $35 a bag, a far cry from the high prices of late.

Based on Kindgfull’s packaging, we can see that their recipes are made in the USA, which is a relief to many who wish to avoid foreign-made pet food.

But, it fails to mention who actually does this manufacturing. Private-label brands like this typically use large 3rd party manufacturers of pet food like Diamond.

However, their packaging also mentions that their ingredients are sourced from around the world, and while this may not necessarily be an issue, some pet owners do not trust ingredients from select countries.

Kindfull Made In The USA

Another interesting point to make about Kindfull pet food is that they describe their products as Veterinarian-Guided Nutrition and that they are developed by pet food experts with guidance from a veterinarian.

This is definitely a positive, as it is critical that qualified experts and veterinarians are involved in the formulation process.

However, Kindfull does not mention who these experts are and what qualifications they have, which would be a hugely positive step.

While this may seem obvious, we will point out that given that Kindfull of a private label brand, it won’t come as a surprise that it is only available at Target stores, and if you see it sold on other sites, like Amazon, it may not be from a reputable source.

Kindfull Product Range

Dog Food

Kindfull has a moderate-sized range of dog food products available so far, which includes a mix of dry dog food, wet dog food, and dog food toppers.

This product range is typical for newer brands, and kindfull has chosen a select number of niche recipes to also include, such as a puppy recipe and a small breed dog recipe.

Kindfull Small Breed Dog Food

It is also worth noting that so far, all of Kindfull’s recipes are grain-inclusive, and they do not have any grain-free recipes.

Lastly, Kindfull has a surprisingly large range of dog treats and supplements, given its young age.

This includes various types of treats like Biscuits, Chews, Dental Chews, and supplements for common health issues like Hip & Joint issues.

Kindfull Hip & Joint Supplement

Cat Food

Kindfull’s cat food range is of a similar size to their dog food range and also includes a balanced mix of dry cat food recipes and wet cat food recipes.

This range also includes some popular niche cat food recipes, such as one for kittens, one for indoor cats, and another to promote healthy digestion.

Kindfull Healthy Digestion Cat Food

Moreover, Kindfull’s cat food recipes are also grain-inclusive without any grain-free options available, which is interesting given that grain-inclusive cat food is far less popular.

At this time, Kindfull doesn’t have an equivalent range of cat treats and supplements to their dog versions, but they may expand into this in the future.

Kindfull Nutrition

Dog Food

The nutrition provided by Kindfull’s dog food recipes is average but comparable to or better than other brands at a similar price range.

You can see an example of the nutrition provided by a Kindfull dry dog food recipe below.

Kindfull Dog Nutrition Example

As you can see, the proportion of protein and fat is modest and sums to around 55% of the recipe’s nutritional content.

However, the proportion of carbohydrates is significant at 45%, which is higher than many would prefer it to be.

Regardless, this kind of nutritional profile is perfectly acceptable for many dogs but may not be sufficient for some who are more active.

If you want to understand more about canine nutrition, we recommend you read our Dog Food Guide for a detailed discussion.

Cat Food

The nutrition provided by Kindfull’s cat food recipes is similar to their dog food recipes and would best be described as average when compared to other brands but satisfactory compared to those at a similar price point.

You can see an example below of the nutritional profile of one of their dry cat food recipes.

Kindfull Cat Nutrition Example

As you can see, the sum of its protein and fat content is 65% which is not insignificant, and the total nutrition from carbohydrates is the minority at 35%.

This is a satisfactory proportion of protein and fat for many cats, and many other recipes similar to this have far lower levels.

However, cats are obligate carnivores which means; ideally, they only need to consume animal-based content in their diet and do not need a high intake of carbohydrates.

You can learn more about what it means to be an obligate carnivore, as well as other important information for feline nutrition, in our Cat Food Guide.

Kindfull Ingredients

Kindfull briefly mentions its ingredients on its FAQ page and mentions that there are no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, as well as no By-product Meals, Corn, Wheat, or Soy.

They also highlight that Beef, Poultry, or Fish are the first listed ingredients in all of their recipes.

High-Quality Meat & Fish Ingredients

  • Chicken
  • Chicken Meal
  • Chicken Liver
  • Turkey Meal
  • Beef
  • Beef Meal
  • Lamb
  • Lamb Meal
  • Salmon
  • Whitefish

Kindfull utilizes a large range of high-quality meat and fish ingredients in its recipes, including many of the industry favorites like Chicken, Beef, and Salmon.

These high-quality meat and fish ingredients are fantastic sources of animal-based protein and fat and should be at the core of every pet food recipe.

While not common, some of Kindfull’s recipes also include organ meat ingredients like Chicken Liver.

Ingredients such as these can contain high levels of beneficial vitamins and minerals, as well as improve the palatability and flavor of food.

You can learn more about organ meat ingredients like Liver in our article Organ Meat Ingredients In Pet Food.

Other Notable Ingredients

Given that Kindfull’s recipes are all grain-inclusive, they contain a range of grain ingredients, including Brown Rice, Oatmeal, and Barley.

These grain ingredients are staples of the industry and found in hundreds of recipes across dozens of brands and can help to provide a mix of nutrition, including carbohydrates, fiber, and select vitamins and minerals.

Many in the industry prefer grain ingredients such as these to others such as Corn or Wheat, which they consider to be lower-quality or more processed.

However, Kindfull also utilizes some grain by-products in its recipes, such as Rice Bran and Brewers Rice.

These are looked upon less favorably and are by-products of rice processing. While they can still provide valuable nutrition, many consider these to be inferior ingredients and believe their inclusion is reduced cost.

You can read more about these two particular ingredients in our articles below.

Rice Bran In Dog Food

Brewers Rice In Dog Food

Given that all of Kindfull’s recipes are grain-inclusive, they have very limited use of legume ingredients in their recipes.

However, they do utilize some minor use of ingredients such as Peas, Chickpeas, Pea Fiber, and Pea Protein.

Peas and Pea-based ingredients are some of the most popular choices in grain-free food thanks to their low-cost and high nutritional value, high in plant-based protein.

However, in recent years there has been controversy around their use and suggestions that high levels have contributed to increased levels of canine heart disease.

However, the portion sizes of these ingredients found in Kindfull recipes are minor and not worthy of concern.

That being said, the use of Pea Protein is notable and is an ingredient that many disagree with.

It is a highly dense source of plant-based protein and is used by many brands to boost the overall protein levels in their recipes without investing in more animal-based content.

You can learn more about the use of Pea Protein in our article Peas, Pea Protein, Pea Flour, and Pea Fiber in Dog Food.

Peas Close Up

A minor ingredient worth discussing that is found in many Kindfull recipes is Chicken Fat. This is another common inclusion in pet food recipes thanks to its positive traits.

Firstly, Chicken Fat is a dense source of animal-based fat and can boost the levels found in the recipe.

Secondly, it is a relatively affordable ingredient and will not significantly increase the cost of a recipe like some other ingredients.

Lastly, Chicken Fat is a reliable well to increase the palatability and flavor of a recipe to make it more appealing to dogs and cats.

This is a factor that is often forgotten and critical as if a pet will not eat a pet food recipe, they can not benefit from its other ingredients and its overall nutrition.

You can discover more about the use of Chicken Fat in pet food in our article Chicken Fat In Dog Food.

Chicken Hen

Flaxseed features in several Kindfull recipes and is probably the most common plant-based minor supplement to be used in pet food recipes.

Flaxseed is well utilized for human consumption, and many are aware of its beneficial traits, primarily its high levels of the Omega Fatty Acids.

These Omega Fatty Acids are proven to provide several health benefits, such as improving the condition of a dog’s skin and coat and improving cognitive function.

However, Flaxseed has several other health benefits that are less well-known, and you can read about these in our article Flaxseed In Dog Food.

Flaxseed Meal

Egg Product is an ingredient found in small quantities in some Kindfull recipes and is an ingredient with mixed opinions.

The brief explanation of what Egg Product is is the egg material that has been separated from the eggshells.

While this may just sound like Eggs, there is a catch in that Egg Product can also be extracted from the eggshells themselves, typically discarded eggshells.

This egg material has similar nutrition to Eggs and is high in protein, fat, and other beneficial micronutrients.

However, the process to extract this is extremely industrial, and this egg product is often considered not suitable for human consumption, which raises eyebrows on why it’s used in pet food.

The simple answer is that Egg Product is an extremely cost-effective ingredient and a way for pet food companies to increase animal-based protein and fat without dishing out on higher-quality ingredients.

Read our detailed explanation of Egg Product in our article Egg Product In Pet Food.

Raw Eggs

Powdered Cellulose features in select Kindfull recipes and is a controversial ingredient in the industry. In short, it is pure fiber sourced from plant material which may sound like a positive addition.

However, Powdered Cellulose issues arise from the fact that it may not have to be sourced from traditional food ingredients and can be made from a huge range of waste and by-products such as Sugar Cane, Corn, or even Lumber.

For this reason, many are not supportive of its inclusion and also have concerns that some brands utilize it to ‘bulk out’ their recipes with fiber.

You can learn more about this controversial ingredient in our article, Powdered Cellulose In Dog Food.


Other sources of fiber within Kindfull’s recipes are the ingredients Beet Pulp & Tomato Pomace.

While Powdered Cellulose is a very vague and non-specific ingredient, these two ingredients are much more particular and are by-products of Beet Pulp and Tomato processing.

They are extremely common in pet food recipes and are added in small quantities as a dense source of soluble fiber, which is important to aid digestion and promote regular stools.

Outside of their fiber content, neither of these ingredients provides any notable nutrition, as almost all of it has been extracted.

You can learn more about these ingredients in our articles Dried Beet Pulp In Dog Food & Tomato Pomace as a Pet Food Ingredient.

Kindfull’s wet pet food recipes use a range of gum ingredients such as Guar Gum, Cassia Gum, and Xanthan Gum.

These gum ingredients are common in wet pet food recipes throughout the industry, and their purpose is to act as binding agents.

This means that they are present to help hold the ingredients of a pet food together in a consistent texture and appearance and that they are not included for their nutritional content or value.

You can read more about these gum ingredients in our dedicated discussions below.

Guar Gum In Pet Food

Cassia Gum In Pet Food

Xanthan Gum In Pet Food

A last interesting point on the use of these ingredients is that Kindfull specifically mentions they do not use another type of binding agent called Carrageenan.

Some believe that Carrageenan is a negative addition to wet pet food recipes and prefer the use of alternatives.

Learn more in our article Carrageenan In Dog Food.

Kindfull Animal Testing

At this time, we have no information on what type of testing or trials that Kindfull participates in for its pet food products.

This is not surprising given that Kindfull is a private label brand, with other private label brands also not having this kind of information readily available.

However, their promotional material and website do describe the brand as ‘Cruelty-Free,‘ which may suggest they do not take part in the laboratory or invasive practices.

Some pet owners are concerned that some pet food companies are not sufficiently testing their products, especially for long-term consumption.

Regardless, we are strongly against laboratory or invasive animal testing for the production of pet food, and we hope that any brands practicing in this way move away from it in the near future.

Kindfull Recalls

Based on our research (FDAAVMADogFoodAdvisor), we can find no evidence that leads us to believe that Kindfull pet food recipes have ever undergone a recall, which makes Kindfull a recall-free pet food brand.

However, given that Kindfull is a very young pet food brand, having launched in 2021, this recall-free record is not a huge surprise.

What will be important is whether Kindfull can maintain this record in the coming years to give their customers confidence in the safety and quality processes of their manufacturer.

We would typically comment on any recalls that Kindfull’s 3rd party manufacturer has issued in the past as it’s highly relevant; however, given we do not know who manufactures Kindfull at this time, we can not do this.

Regardless we encourage all pet owners to be vigilant of any future recalls of Kindfull pet food or any other pet food brand to ensure their pets remain healthy and safe.

Best of Kindfull

Chicken and Salmon Recipe Review

Kindfull Chicken & Salmon Dog Food Recipe

All of Kindfull’s dry dog food recipes are quite similar in ingredients they utilize and their nutritional value, but the above Chicken & Salmon recipe caught our eye as potentially their best.

The recipe utilizes a mix of ingredients, including Chicken, Chicken Meal, Chicken Fat, and Salmon, to provide a moderate proportion of protein and fat, coming in at a minimum of 24% and 14%.

However, thanks to the inclusion of Salmon, this recipe also has higher levels of the Omega Fatty Acids, with 2.2% from the Omega 6 Fatty Acids and 0.8% from the Omega 3 Fatty Acids.

This is noticeably higher than some of Kindfull’s other dry dog food recipes and not something that should be brushed aside.

On the plant-based side of their ingredients, the same reliable mix of grains is present, including Brown Rice and Barley with a smaller portion of legumes in Peas and Chickpeas.

Lastly, these are joined by small portions of Flaxseed, Alfalfa Meal, and Tomato Pomace, which help provide nutritional benefits and dietary fiber.

Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe Review

Kindfull Chicken and Brown Rice Cat Food

There is also a minimal difference between Kindfull’s cat food recipes, but we’ve gone with the above Chicken and Brown Rice recipe thanks to its impressive nutrition.

With a minimum of 32% protein and a minimum of 15% fat, this recipe has a significant amount of animal-based nutrition that is critical to a cat’s diet.

This nutrition is thanks to a large portion of Chicken and Chicken Meal and a smaller portion of Turkey Meal. This ensures that Chicken is the most abundant ingredient in the recipe, which often isn’t the case.

Outside of this Chicken, this recipe includes a moderate portion of Brown Rice and Oatmeal, along with a portion of Pea Protein.

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