Rice Bran In Dog Food

What Is Rice Bran?

Rice Bran is produced when the outer layers of brown rice are removed to create white rice. Rice Bran is, therefore, a by-product of this process but it is not wasted.

Rice Bran contains many micronutrients and a large portion of dietary fiber. We will discuss it’s nutrition later in this article.

Rice Bran has been used to combat many disorders, conditions, and symptoms that humans suffer. Examples include Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Obesity, and Stomach/Colon Cancer.


Rice Bran In Dog Food

Rice Bran’s use in dog food is not widespread, but there are multiple brands currently using it. However, its use is controversial, like many ingredients, with some supporters saying it is viable while others are saying it has no place in dog food.

One major discussion point around Rice Bran is that it is a low-cost ingredient and is used to fill out dog food. While supporters will disagree with this sentiment, it is likely somewhat true and is a point that Rice Bran has in common with many other grain ingredients.

Rice Bran Nutrition

Rice Bran lacks the calorie dense, starchy center of rice that White Rice or Brown Rice contains. While some may consider this a negative trait, others would think it a positive.

This is as the outer layers of rice contain the majority of the fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Examples of vitamins and minerals found in Rice Bran include the B Vitamins (Vitamin B1, B3, and B6), Iron, Manganese, Selenium, and Magnesium.

These vitamins and minerals can provide a range of health benefits to dogs. Iron is crucial for the creation of red blood cells, the B Vitamins can improve energy levels and fight infections, and Selenium can boost the immune system and help prevent heart disease.

Rice Bran also contains a significant portion of dietary fiber. Dietary fiber is important as it regulates digestion which ensures that the nutrients found in a dogs diet can be effectively absorbed. While dogs do not need a very high portion of fiber, a small portion of Rice Bran in the formula can make a significant improvement.

Dangers of Rice Bran

Rice Bran contains a large portion of fat for a plant-based ingredient. While there is nothing wrong with Rice Bran containing fat from a nutritional perspective, it does increase the risk of the Rice Bran going rancid. If the Rice Bran did go rancid, then it could cause a dog to become ill or unwell after digesting it.

There is some limited evidence that suggests some sources of Rice Bran contain high levels of Arsenic. Arsenic is a dangerous chemical and if consumed in a large enough dose could cause serious health issues.

Dog Food Brands That Use Rice Bran

There is a selection of brands that are currently using Rice Bran in formulas. It is worth noting that most if not all of these brands are lower-cost brands. Examples include Pure Balance, Vibrant Life, and Diamond

As we mentioned earlier, it is likely that Rice Bran is included in recipes by these brands as it is low-cost. However, these brands may be choosing to use Rice Bran over its alternatives due to the nutritional value it can offer.

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