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Tiki Pet’s is a large pet food brand based in the United States that was first founded in 2005. Tiki Pets was launched by Whitebridge Pet Brands, which also owns other familiar pet brands like Dogswell and Buddy Biscuits.

Tiki is one of several cat food brands that has production facilities in Thailand.

One of the primary reasons behind this is that much of the fish used in wet cat food is sourced from that region of the world, and it is, therefore, more efficient to perform production close by rather than ship these fish long distances.

Many in the United States are wary of pet food production outside of The United States or Canada, given large-scale recalls in the past, especially related to ingredients sourced from China.

However, the production in Thailand has so far been relatively reliable and safe, and we would not advise against Tiki solely based on this.

Tiki Pets is widely available for purchase across the United States from thousands of retail pet food stores.

Also, you can easily purchase Tiki products online from several of the large pet food websites such as Chewy, Petflow, and Amazon.

Tiki Pets Product Range

Cat Food

Tiki Pets has a huge range of cat food recipes across a large number of sub-brands or ranges. Examples of these include After Dark, Aloha Friends, Born Carnivore, Luau, Raw, and many more.

The bulk of Tiki Pet’s cat food range is wet/canned cat food in several forms such as Pate, Stew, or Broths. However, Tiki also produces a small range of dry cat food recipes.

In regards to specialized recipes, Tiki Pets has several recipes for specific age ranges, such as Kittens and Senior Cats. They also have a small range of recipes for cats with health issues such as weight gain or sensitive stomachs.

Dog Food

While Tiki Pet’s dog food range isn’t as large as its cat food range, it still has significant variety. It focuses on wet/canned dog food recipes, including stews, pate recipes, and shredded recipes.

There is also a small range of dry dog food recipes for small-breed dogs, which is unusual as most brands tend to focus their efforts on medium or larger-breed dogs.

Lastly, there are some specialized recipes for dogs from Tiki Pets, including some for puppies and senior dogs.

Tiki Pets Nutrition

Cat Food

Given that the bulk of Tiki Pets cat food products are wet/canned, they generally provide impressive nutrition that aligns closely with a cat’s natural diet.

In addition, when Tiki Pets’ recipes are compared to some of their competitors, they provide nutrition that is above-average.

Below is an example of the nutrition provided by a typical Tiki wet cat food recipe.

Tiki Pets Example Nutrition

If you are interested in learning more about feline nutrition, we highly recommend you check out our Cat Food Guide.

Dog Food

Tiki Pet’s dog food recipes typically provide nutrition that is above-average when compared to other dog food brands.

This above-average nutrition includes a high proportion of protein and fat and lower proportions of carbohydrates.

Thanks to being a brand that focuses on wet/canned dog food, Tiki Pets recipes tend to provide the majority of their protein from animal or fish-based sources rather than plant-based sources.

If you are interested in learning more about canine nutrition, we highly recommend you read our Dog Food Guide.

Tiki Pets Ingredients

High-Quality Meat & Fish Ingredients

  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Duck
  • Beef
  • Pork
  • Lamb
  • Rabbit
  • Venison
  • Salmon
  • Herring
  • Tuna
  • Whitefish

Tiki Pets uses a huge range of high-quality meat and fish ingredients in its recipes, some of which are listed above.

All of these ingredients are capable of providing animal or fish-based protein and fat, which should be at the core of every cat or dog’s diet.

Most of Tiki Pet’s recipes utilize common meat or fish ingredients like Chicken, Turkey, or Salmon. These ingredients are so popular among pet food manufacturers as they are easy to source and very affordable.

However, Tiki Pets have a few unique recipes that utilize uncommon meat ingredients like Rabbit and Venison.

Ingredients like these are becoming increasingly common and often used in recipes for pets with allergies.

You can learn more about the use of these ingredients in the below articles.

Best Hypoallergenic Dog Foods Guide

Best Dog Foods With Rabbit

Best Dog Foods With Venison

Rabbit Close Up

Lastly, many of Tiki Pet’s wet food recipes utilize organ meat ingredients such as Liver or Heart.

These organ meat ingredients are excellent additions to pet food recipes and can greatly enhance their flavor as well as provide a range of beneficial vitamins and minerals.

Other Notable Ingredients

Some of Tiki’s recipes utilize legume ingredients like Peas, Lentils, and Chickpeas. Legumes such as these are extremely popular in pet food and are the default replacement for grains in grain-free food.

Legumes can provide a mix of nutrition, including plant-based protein, carbohydrates, fiber, and more.

However, in recent years there have been concerning links between the high usage of legumes in dog food recipes and an increased rate of Canine Heart Disease.

You can read a detailed discussion of this link in our article Best Dog Foods Without Peas.

However, the portion size of legumes in the majority of Tiki’s recipes is small and should not be worthy of concern.

Peas Close Up

Tapioca is another regular inclusion in Tiki Pet’s recipes that is relatively unknown in the west but is popular in South America.

Tapioca is a starch ingredient and can be best compared to other starches like Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes.

Tapioca can act as a dense source of carbohydrates as well as providing some other nutrition such as fiber and vitamins, and minerals. Also, Tapioca can be used as a binding agent to hold pet food together in a uniform texture.

Pumpkin is a regular feature in Tiki Pets wet food recipes and is often added to pets’ diets as a dietary supplement.

Pumpkin is an extremely reliable and dense source of dietary fiber, which can be important for some pets to maintain regular digestion and stools.

However, while many focus on this fiber content, Pumpkin can provide additional nutrition such as carbohydrates and beneficial micronutrients such as Beta Carotene.

You can learn more about the use of Pumpkin in our article Best Dog Food With Pumpkin.

A Lone Pumpkin

Chicken Fat is a common addition to pet food recipes, even those that are not centered around Chicken.

Its inclusion is to improve the taste and palatability of formulas and boost the overall proportion of animal-based fat.

Chicken Fat is often chosen over alternatives thanks to its low cost and high availability at scale. You can learn more about Chicken Fat in our article Chicken Fat In Dog Food.

Flaxseed is one of the most utilized minor ingredients in pet food across the industry. It is often best known as one of the best plant-based sources of the Omega 3 Fatty Acids, which many believe can provide several health benefits to dogs and cats.

However, Flaxseed has many other benefits that most are unaware of. If you are interested in learning more about these benefits, be sure to check out our article Flaxseed In Dog Food.


Select pet food brands, including Tiki Pets, add small quantities of Brewers Yeast to some of their recipes. This ingredient is added as it contains several beneficial vitamins and minerals.

Also, many believe that Brewers Yeast can provide health benefits to pets, although these claims are far from verified. You can learn more about the health benefits in our article Brewers Yeast In Dog Food.

Lastly, due to being a wet pet food focused brand, Tiki Pets makes extensive use of gum ingredients such as Xanthum Gum, Cassia Gum, and Guar Gum.

These gums are included as binding agents to hold food together in a consistent texture and appearance and do not provide any notable nutrition.

Tiki Pets Animal Testing

At this time, we have no information on what type of animal testing or feed trials that Tiki Pets participates in.

Many pet food brands avoid disclosing detailed information on what type of feeding trials or testing they undertake as they fear backlash from their customers.

We strongly believe that invasive or laboratory-style testing of animals is a cruel and outdated practice and one which we hope will be eliminated in the near future.

Tiki Pets Recalls

Based on our research (FDA, AVMA, DogFoodAdvisor), Tiki Pets has not undergone any recalls in its past and is, therefore, a recall-free pet food brand.

Given the brand is now over fifteen years old, this is an impressive record and shows that the brand takes its quality and safety processes seriously during manufacturing.

Despite this recall-free record from Tiki Pets, we encourage all pet owners to be vigilant of any future recalls from Tiki Pets or any other pet food brand.

Best of Tiki Pets

Cat Food

Hanalei Luau Wild Salmon In Salmon Consomme Review

Tiki Cat Wild Salmon In Salmon Consomme

As we mentioned earlier, Tiki Cat’s wet cat food range is huge and it is extremely difficult to choose a favorite from the range.

The above Wild Salmon Recipe is one of our favorites, thanks to its simplicity and killer nutrition. The only major ingredient present is Salmon which contrasts hugely with most cat food recipes.

This Salmon acts as a dense source of fish-based protein and fat which should be the core of every cat’s diet.

In addition, Salmon is an excellent source of the Omega 3 Fatty Acids, which many believe can provide cats with several health benefits.

Outside of this Salmon, there are no other notable ingredients, and the recipe does not even contain any gum ingredients like some of Tiki’s other ranges.

This simplicity may make this recipe an ideal choice for cats who are picky or who have sensitive digestion.

Tiki Cat Born Carnivore Deboned Chicken & Egg

Tiki Cat’s dry cat food range is far smaller than their wet food range, which makes narrowing down the best recipe far easier.

The above Chicken & Egg recipe is our favorite adult cat food recipe from the range, thanks to its impressive ingredient list.

The first three listed ingredients in the recipe are all Chicken-based and are Deboned Chicken, Chicken Meal, and Dehydrated Chicken.

This huge sum of Chicken provides an ample portion of animal-based protein and fat that is far higher than most dry cat food recipes.

Outside of this Chicken, the recipe includes a portion of Dried Egg Product which is Eggs that have had their shells and excess moisture removed.

Eggs are one of the most bioavailable ingredients and are extremely underutilized in pet food.

Lastly, the recipe contains a small portion of Tapioca, Flaxseed, Chickpeas, and Peas. These plant-based ingredients provide a modest proportion of carbohydrates, fiber, and select vitamins and minerals.

Dog Food

Wildz Lamb Recipe With Lamb Liver, Lung & Kidney Review

Tiki Dog Lamb Recipe With Lamb Liver, Lung & Kidney

While it may come at a high cost, Tiki Dog’s Wildz range is extremely impressive in the selection and quality of their ingredients, as well as the nutrition the recipes provide. The above Lamb Recipe is a prime example of this.

The recipes in this Wildz range source their ingredients from free-range or grass-fed sources in New Zealand, which is similar to other premium brands like Ziwi Peak or K9 Natural.

Lamb is the recipe’s primary ingredient and provides the bulk of the animal-based protein and fat. However, there is also a large range of organ meat ingredients like Liver, Lung, and Kidney.

These organ meat ingredients are likely to give the recipe an extremely unique and intense flavor that dogs will go wild over.

In addition, these organ meat ingredients are dense sources of select beneficial vitamins and minerals that may be lacking in traditional meat cuts.

Aloha Petites Grain-Free Duck Luau Review

Tiki Dog Aloha Petites Duck Luau

Tiki Dog only sells dry dog food for small and toy breeds, but regardless, these recipes are surprisingly impressive when compared to similar brands.

The above Duck Luau recipe contains a large portion of Duck and Duck Meal as its primary ingredients.

These Duck ingredients act as reliable sources of animal-based protein and fat, which are at a minimum of 28.2% and 17%, respectively.

The recipe then includes portions of Peas, Lentils, Chickpeas, and Tapioca which provide plant-based protein, carbohydrates, and fiber.

Tiki Pets Featured Articles

Best Cat Food For Older Cats That Vomit – As cats age, many struggle to keep their food down, which can lead to a range of consequential health issues.

In this article, we discuss some of the industry’s best cat food recipes for senior cats and those with sensitive digestion, including a wet cat food recipe from Tiki.

Tiki Pets Full Product Range

Dog Food

Dry Dog Food

Aloha Petites Chicken Luau

Aloha Petites Duck Luau

Aloha Petites Lamb Luau

Aloha Petites Fish Luau

Aloha Petites For Puppies Chicken, Peas & Lentils Luau

Wet/Canned Dog Food

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Hearty Autumn Feast

Hearty Spring Grill

Hearty Summer Grill

Hearty Winter Stew

Taste of the World Asian Chicken Stir Fry

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Raw Beef, Beef Liver, And Beef Bone Broth

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Whole Foods Chicken & Tuna Recipe In Chicken Consomme

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Cat Food

Dry Cat Food

Born Carnivore Deboned Chicken & Egg Recipe

Born Carnivore Chicken, Herring & Salmon Meal Recipe

Born Carnivore Herring & Salmon Meal Recipe

Born Carnivore For Kittens Deboned Chicken & Egg Recipe

Born Carnivore Light Turkey Recipe

Wet/Canned Cat Food

After Dark Beef & Beef Liver Pate

After Dark Duck & Chicken Liver Pate

After Dark Chicken Recipe In Broth

After Dark Chicken & Beef Recipe In Broth

After Dark Chicken & Duck Recipe In Broth

After Dark Rabbit & Chicken Liver Pate

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Aloha Friends Chicken, Pumpkin & Duck

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Broths With Beef

Broths With Chicken

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Broths With Salmon

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Filets Salmon

Filets Tuna

Grill Mackerel & Sardines In Broth

Grill Sardines In Broth

Grill Tuna & Crab In Broth

Grill Sardines & Lobster In Broth

Grill Tuna & Prawn In Tuna Broth

Grill Tuna With Crab In Tuna Broth

Grill AHI Tuna

Grill AHI Tuna & Crab In Broth

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Raw Chicken With Chicken bone Broth

Raw Lamb

Raw Quail And Turkey Bone Broth

Raw Turkey With Turkey Bone Broth

Raw With Duck, Turkey Bone Broth And Pumpkin

Special Fussy With Duck Liver & Egg In Broth

Special Light Chicken, Turkey & Pumpkin Recipe In Broth

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Velvet Mousse Kitten With Salmon & Chicken Broth

Velvet Mousse Kitten With Chicken & Chicken Liver In Broth

Velvet Mousse Senior With Salmon & Pumpkin In Broth

Velvet Mousse Senior With Chicken & Pumpkin In Broth

Velvet Mousse Chicken In Broth

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Velvet Mousse Tuna & Chicken In Broth

Velvet Mousse Tuna & Mackerel In Broth

Velvet Mousse Salmon In Broth