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PetLab Co is a relatively new brand founded by Chris Masanto and Andrew Masanto, who, as you might have guessed, are brothers.

Andrew was also a founder of a well-known Crypto company called Hedera Hashgraph, which raised over $100M and was working with Google and Boeing, among others.

Chris gives a brief explanation of how the brand started on its About Us page, where he mentions the difficulty his own dog, named Krystal, had during the last few years of her life due to arithmetic pain.

However, this page doesn’t mention Andrew and instead mentions Chris’s friend Damian Grabarczyk who also appears to have been a founder of the company.

PetLab Co Chris & Damian

Together they have launched PetLab Co into a huge success, with the brand being on track to generate $100M in revenue in only its second year of operations.

While it’s hard to know exactly what factors have led to their success, a combination of effective marketing, regular exposure on social media, and a slick website have certainly helped.

Other similar pet supplement brands that compete with PetLab Co include Zesty Paws, Front of the PackOpen Farm, and Wuffes, but none of these have seen quite the rapid growth that PetLab Co has.

While some pet supplement brands prefer to keep their sales exclusively on their website, PetLab Co is one of a few that has chosen the opposite approach.

Not only can you purchase their products directly from the brand, but you can also find them on popular pet food and supplement sites like Chewy and Amazon.

Due to the age of the brand, there is limited information and impartial reviews to be found online regarding their products, but there are some to be found on websites that stock them.

On Chewy, their supplements have got mixed reviews and, as of the time of writing this page, had an average review of four stars.

Some of the reviews speak of very positive results within a matter of weeks or months, but others mention that their dogs did not like the taste or the results were minor, which are common complaints of dog supplements.

You can read more of these Chewy reviews here.

PetLab Co Chewy Reviews

On Amazon, they have significantly more reviews available, and at the time of writing, their Probiotic Chews has over 20,000 reviews which is a considerable amount.

Here, they scored similarly, with most ratings just above or below four stars, such as the one below. Most of the reviews on Amazon speak highly of the product but complain the product is too expensive and they can not afford it.

You can read these Amazon reviews here.

PetLab Co Amazon Reviews

Speaking of price, as many of the reviews touch on, PetLab Co is a premium supplement and doesn’t come cheaply.

Most of their chewy-type supplements sell for over $1 per chew, which is in line with some other brands but far more than others, which can cost as little as $0.30 per chew.

However, like most new brands in the pet food or supplement space, PetLab Co does offer subscription discounts of 20% per month, which is not insignificant.

PetLab Co Subscription Discount

This approach is consistent in the industry as brands attempt to gain repeat customers whose business they can rely on month after month.

Chewy also offers a subscription discount via their Autoship program, but this is only a 5% discount which is not as impressive.

However, we did find some criticism online around PetLab Co’s subscription program, specifically around users not being aware that they were being charged a subscription or having issues canceling it.

These kinds of complaints are typical for services like this, and from what we can see, PetLab Co’s website is not predatory or misleading and clearly states you are starting a subscription when you sign up.

However, if you are concerned about this, we’d recommend you check out this page on their website for a detailed explanation of the service.

PetLab Co Product Range

PetLab Co has a moderate range of pet supplements available and has chosen the path of producing issue-specific supplements rather than one generic supplement that other brands like Ultimate Pet Nutrition or Dinovite have.

This range of supplements includes some aimed at problems like Joint Care, Allergies, and Calming, as well as nutritional supplements like Multi-Vitamins, amongst others.

PetLab Co Joint Care Chew

Outside of its supplement range, PetLab Co also produces a small range of dog treats, including Jerky-style treats and Bite-style treats.

Lastly, while not relevant to our content, PetLab Co does also sell some dog accessories like feeding bowls, leashes, and toys.

PetLab Co Nutrition

Given that PetLab Co does not produce complete dog food and instead produces supplements and treats, its nutritional content is less relevant, including the proportion of protein, fat, and carbohydrates provided.

However, while their product range makes some nutritional information less relevant, it may make others more relevant, such as the levels of beneficial vitamins and minerals.

For example, their Multi-Vitamin contains high levels of several critical Vitamins such as vitamins A, B12, D, and E.

Also, their Skin Care supplement contains high levels of the beneficial Omega Fatty acids at 240mg per 4g soft chew.

While it should not be relied upon as a primary source of nutrition, PetLab Co’s dog treats contain high levels of animal-based protein and fat, which could complement a dog’s diet.

PetLab Co Ingredients

High-Quality Meat & Fish Ingredients

  • Salmon
  • Beef
  • Pork Liver

Given that PetLab Co is a supplement company, the meat and fish ingredients used by them aren’t hugely relevant.

However, we will quickly call out the fact that their treats do contain some high-quality ingredients such as Beef or Salmon.

While these treats should not be the sole source of nutrition in a dog’s diet, the high-quality protein and fat they contain can supplement their diet.

Other Notable Ingredients

Flaxseed Oil is present as an active ingredient in some of PetLab Co’s supplements in fairly large quantities.

Flaxseed Oil is a processed version of Flaxseed which itself is an extremely common addition to pet food recipes throughout the industry.

Flaxseed is so popular among pet food manufacturers as it is an easy plant-based source of the Omega Fatty Acids.

These fatty acids are thought to provide a range of health benefits to dogs, including an improvement in the condition of their skin and coat, as well as improved cognitive function.

However, Flaxseed can provide some other benefits beyond these fatty acids. However, some of these may not apply to Flaxseed Oil as it is processed.

Read more about the specific benefits of Flaxseed in our article Flaxseed In Dog Food.


While not considered an active ingredient, some of PetLab Co’s supplements contain small portions of Brewers Yeast.

Brewers Yeast is a by-product of the brewing industry and is often sold to the pet food industry to add to their recipes.

This is because it contains a range of beneficial vitamins and minerals, especially B Vitamins. In addition, some also claim it can provide several health benefits, although these are not proven.

You can read more information about the use of Brewers Yeast in dog food recipes in our article Brewers Yeast In Dog Food.

Many of PetLab Co’s supplement products contain small portions of Sweet Potatoes & Chickpeas.

When seeing these ingredients in dog food recipes, we know they are included to provide carbohydrates and fiber, but in the tiny quantities found in these supplements, that is unlikely to be the case.

Instead, these ingredients are likely included to act as the ‘bulk’ of the supplement chew and help to bind the other ingredients together in a consistent shape and texture.

Chickpeas Close Up

Lastly, some of PetLab Co’s supplements contain a tiny portion of Rosemary Extract, which is not an ingredient most pet owners will be familiar with.

Rosemary Extract is a natural preservative and antioxidant which can be helpful in ensuring food does not spoil quickly.

Some also claim that it can provide some health benefits, such as acting as an anti-cancer agent, but these benefits are far from substantiated.

If you’d like to learn more about this unusual ingredient, you can in our article Rosemary Extract In Pet Food.


PetLab Co Animal Testing

At this time, we have no information on what type of testing or trials that PetLab Co participates in for its supplement or treat products.

This is not surprising given that most smaller pet food or supplement companies are tight-lipped on the subject.

Some pet owners are concerned that some pet food companies are not sufficiently testing their products, especially for long-term consumption.

Regardless, we are strongly against laboratory or invasive animal testing for the production of pet food, and we hope that any brands practicing in this way move away from it in the near future.

PetLab Co Recalls

Based on our research (FDAAVMADogFoodAdvisor), we can find no evidence that leads us to believe that PetLab Co supplements have ever undergone a recall, which makes PetLab Co a recall-free brand.

However, given that PetLab Co is a relatively young brand and it primarily sells supplements, this isn’t a great surprise.

This is because it is extremely rare for supplement companies, such as PetLab Co, to issue recalls for their products with very real examples.

Regardless of their recall-free record, we encourage pet owners to be vigilant of any future recalls from PetLab Co or any other pet supplement or food company.

Best of PetLab Co

Probiotic Chews Review

PetLab Co Probiotic Chew

PetLab Co’s Probiotic Chews are one of their most popular supplement products and are aimed at dogs with digestive issues or those looking for additional support.

They achieve this with a blend of 8 probiotics, including Bacillus Coagulans, Lactobacillus Reuteri, Bifidobacterium Bifidum, Bifidobacterium Longum, Lactobacillus Brevis, Lactobacillus Casei, Lactobacillus Plantarum, Streptococcus Thermophilus.

While we are far from the experts on these specific probiotics, based on the reviews we have seen, these have had beneficial effects for many dogs, including improved stools and reduced gas.

Outside of their active probiotic ingredients, the chews contain a few other notable ingredients like Chicory Root, Brewers Yeast, Fructooligosaccharides, and Salmon Oil.

All of these are regular additions to premium dog food recipes and are thought to provide minor benefits to dogs, such as high concentrations of beneficial vitamins and minerals, among others.

Itch Relief Chews Review

PetLab Co Itch Relief

PetLab Co’s Itch Relief supplements are another popular option, with many dogs experiencing chronic skin issues that they can not leave alone.

PetLab Co claims this supplement can help to combat that and reduce the occurrence of dry skin, itching, and seasonal allergies.

While the above Probiotic supplement relied on probiotics, this Itch Relief supplement uses ingredients you will be more familiar with, such as Honey, Turmeric, Salmon Oil, Flaxseed Oil, Coconut Oil, and more.

Oils like Salmon Oil and Flaxseed Oil are well-known for their potential health benefits, primarily tied to the high levels of the Omega Fatty Acids that they contain.

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At this time, PetLab Co has yet to be featured in any of our articles.

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